Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be Secure in Tight Spaces with the Pre-Rig

When faced with a confined-space rescue, knowing what to expect is anything but the norm: Confined spaces vary in size, shape, and location, so there aren’t any established methods for devising adequate strategies to prepare for them. Thanks to their extensive foundation in manufacturing mountaineering and rock-climbing equipment, Yates Gear has drawn upon its extensive experience to create rescue, rigging, rope access, and tactical-specific equipment to deal with these precarious rescues. The Stokes Litter Pre-Rig is a perfect example of this intuitive ingenuity. Here’s why:

Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig

Specially designed to enable safer, more effective patient evacuation from extremely tight, confined spaces during various rescue operations, the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig can be attached to any Stokes Litter. It is exceptionally sturdy: The Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig has a rated strength of 5,000 lbf (22kN), while its unique Y suspension system greatly diminishes congestion at its upper-attachment point.

Extremely versatile, the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig – referred to as “the spider” – can be adjusted to safely accommodate a wide range of measurements, depending on the circumstances of the rescue. Lengths range from 18 inches above the litter to a maximum distance of five feet; the former height enables you to avoid any slack in the spider, thereby giving you more control during rescue operations – allowing for tight-space evacuations when every inch counts. Simply utilize its quick-adjust Mil-Spec hardware to achieve your desired length. Additionally, should you need a low-angle stretch harness, half of the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig can be utilized as such, which nullifies the need to buy any additional harnesses.

When you’re in a tight spot, be sure to rely on the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

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