Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FCX Escape Kit: Safe, Controlled Descent

When you’re working on-scene, anything can happen, so it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re going to need an edge – after all, even the most seasoned of firefighters feels the heat every so often. What you’re going to need is a quality escape kit or system that’s properly designed to maximize efficiency when used, which, in turn, gives you the much-needed peace of mind required to get your work done correctly and safely.

With an impressive track record of creating quality components for escape kits and systems that spans over 20 years, Sterling Rope is no stranger to designing and building only the best life-safety rope and equipment for the fire service. The new Sterling Rope FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit is equipped with all the right pieces, which are thoughtfully integrated for optimal functionality, to ensure flawless performance when you need it most.

FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

It’s no secret that a safe, controlled descent is a vital component to any escape system. The FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit has a number of useful components to facilitate such a descent, in addition to its auto-locking capabilities, ease-of-use with either hand, and excellent modulation characteristics. Take a look below at some of the excellent features the kit has:

As Sterling Rope’s most advanced descent-control device, the FCX is equipped with an innovative cam feature that offers smooth modulation, therefore allowing the user to easily control descent speed with only one hand, while side rails prevent glove and sill interference.

The FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s lightweight aluminum carabiner has a removable, captive-eye pin that allows a rope with a sewn eye to be attached to it at any time. The pin serves two critically important functions: preventing unauthorized disassembly and keeping the carabiner properly oriented, therefore preventing cross-loading.

When heat becomes intense, the FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s Tech Extension Lanyard, which is constructed out of a hollow-braid Technora® cord, can be trusted to remain strong and durable. Its extension tether is located in between the carabiner and the descent device, which allows the system to be stowed, therefore avoiding accidental deployment.

Featuring a high-heat-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant Nylon/Technora® Core/Sheath, the FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s SafeTech 8.0 mm Fire Escape Rope’s core offers strength, gear compatibility, and better elongation to reduce anchor loads. To get details on its aluminum Lightning GT Hook, take a look at one of our previous blogs here.

Always be prepared for the unknown. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ramfan 18-Inch Blower Allows Concentrated Airflows

With a global network that encompasses three sales subsidiaries and the operation of four sales and distribution centers worldwide, Euramco Safety has been on the cutting edge of industrial, fire, and marine-ventilation products for more than 30 years. All of their smoke ejectors, PPV fans, blowers, and accessories are indicative of their technological innovations, specifically constructed to meet and exceed demanding, exacting standards of quality, performance, and reliability.

Ramfan 18-Inch Blower to 16-Inch Duct Adapter

Bottom line: When your life or someone else’s depends on having a fan that can deliver clear, safe, and cool air, Euramco Safety’s products are the ones you can trust. In that vein, the new Ramfan18-Inch Blower to 16-Inch Duct Adapter is the perfect tool for when you need to create a ducted-ventilation system that provides concentrated, high-pressure airflows. Here’s why:

Constructed of heavy-duty, durable, and conducive polyester neoprene fabric, achieving the aforementioned concentrated airflow is straightforward and efficient; simply use it to connect Ramfan’s 16-Inch Reinforced Duct to the EX50Li All-Purpose Ventilator. Attach it to the included, fan-shroud cover using its Velcro® straps and a cinch belt. Additionally, the shroud’s mounting points won’t hinder airflow during normal PPV operations.

Ideal for ducted operations, the Ramfan 18-Inch Blower to 16-Inch Duct Adapter creates a unique, ventilator-and-duct system that is capable of capturing 100% of the airflow, thereby creating a high-pressure flow that decreases friction loss through the length of the duct. Best of all, the Ramfan 18-Inch Blower to 16-Inch Duct Adapter is easy to store and access whenever it’s needed.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Put Safety in the Spotlight with the FoxFury Breakthrough

As you well know, the fire service is always striving to improve the safety of firefighters while on-scene: carefully thought-out standard operating procedures, improved PPE, and lightweight equipment are all some excellent examples, but there’s one tactic that vastly augments scene safety over all the rest: reliable, powerful illumination. Easily able to outperform most box lights and high-powered flashlights, the new FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+LED Right-Angle Light is the smoke-cutting, compact LED spotlight you’ll absolutely need to have with you when working on-scene in dimly lit conditions.

Able to handle a wide variety of tasks, ranging from illuminating street addresses to long-range inspections to locating persons or property, the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light is ideal for structural firefighting thanks to its powerfully focused LED with a deep reflector. Offering up to 700 lumens, its two-degree beam efficiently slices through both smoke and fog.

The FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light is specifically designed to withstand extreme heat, is impact-resistant up to 22.9 feet (seven meters), and is IPX7-waterproof-resistant down to 13.1 feet (four meters). Able to run on four AA batteries (not included), you won’t have to worry about dropping it, as its reinforced-grip handle allows you to firmly grasp it, even while wearing thick gloves. Activation is just as efficiently achieved, too.

Need your hands to be free but still have to have excellent illumination? The FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light’s stainless steel clip or D ring can be used to quickly and easily attach it to your gear. Also an excellent choice for long-range inspections or search-and-rescue operations, the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light has a rechargeable battery pack with an AA battery holder, docking station, and an AC adaptor (all included), which is designed for efficient charging. Should you need assistance with propping doors open when performing any of your fireground-related tasks, its (included) Breakthrough Wedge can easily handle that; when not in use, simply snap it onto the light for convenient carrying and access. Some additional specs include:

  • constructed of nylon 66 housing with a polycarbonate window and extra-thick walls
  • low mode: 100 lumens, five-hour runtime
  • high mode: 700 lumens, two-hour runtime
  • flashing: 700 lumens, eight-hour runtime
  • maximum-beam distance: 6,600 feet (2,012 meters)
  • head diameter: 2.7 inches (69 millimeters)
  • weight: 20.6 ounces (585 grams)
  • meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire-Resistant Requirements (500 degrees Fahrenheit / 260 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes)

Don’t take chances with your safety; be sure to have the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light on-hand to light the way. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sterling Anchor Hook: Get out “Lightning” Fast

Sterling Rope has been designing and building the best life-safety rope and equipment for the fire service for over 20 years, right here in the U.S., so they have both the industry experience and technical know-how to ensure your safety on-scene. When things get dicey and escape becomes paramount, you’re going to need a reliable tool that you can trust your personal safety with: The new Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook represents the next generation of escape anchors, proving itself to be the most trustworthy escape connection available. Here’s why:

Designed with input from top trainers and front-line firefighters, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook (“GT” stands for “Gated Technology”) has undergone extensive testing, both in the lab and in the field. Precision-machined from 7,000-Series Aluminum, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook is engineered with a spring-loaded gate, which results in the ultimate in fast, secure anchor connections.

Its hook is UL-Classified to NFPA 1983 as an escape anchor, and it is capable of holding loads up to 3,000 pounds at the tip. When utilized as a system in conjunction with one of its descendents – be it either the F4 or the newer FCX – and any Sterling Fire Escape Rope, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook offers the most lightweight, versatile, and certified escape system available.

If a substantial object is available for anchoring, the escape rope can be passed through the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook’s slot, and then around the tip to create a secure connection. Once the anchor connection is secured, you can make your exit. If a remote anchor is not immediately available, its unique design helps to remove the guesswork from the critical step of creating a failsafe anchor, thanks to its hitching slot or innovative wire gate, whichever is most useful. Some additional specs include the following:

  • MBS rating: 3,035 pounds
  • MSB rating: 13.5 Kilonewtons
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces

Don’t be left hanging; be sure to check out TheFireStore.com for more information and to get yours.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pro-Tech 8: The Dexterity, Grip, and Comfort You Need

Interested in maximizing your “gloves-on” capacity when undertaking any number of fireground-related tasks? By constantly raising the bar and striving to augment the standards of personal protective equipment, Pro-Tech 8 prides itself on protecting the skilled hands of those who protect us. As a result, the company’s ingenuity has produced the ultimate achievements in hand safety for firefighters, thereby allowing them to perform at top levels: the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

Able to be broken in extremely quickly, the fire-retardant Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves have a breathable polymer liner that offers ample blood borne pathogen and liquid resistance, all while remaining soft and flexible after each and every use and wash. Constructed of highly bendable, durable, and water-repellent, goat-skin suede, the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves feature gathered stitching around the wrists, which provides a secure fit along with preventing debris from entering the gloves.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

There are a number of critically important reasons for you to have a firm, solid grip when working on-scene, either for using tools, holding a radio, or even helping to safely evacuate someone from a burning building. This is why the gloves’ outer-palms layers’ distinctive stitching prevents the gloves’ material from bunching up, thereby allowing the wearer to enjoy the most efficient grip of any NFPA-compliant structural gloves available.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

Enjoy enhanced dexterity thanks to the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves’ rings’ and middle fingers’ palm sides, which are cut and sewn independently. The gloves meet NFPA 1971-2013 Edition Certifications, and they feature superior, repetitive thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance at the vulnerable, knuckle-compression points.

For more information and to get yours, be sure to check out our eBay listing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

True North Chest Harness: Hands-Free Organization and More

You know how chaotic things can get on-scene, along with how quickly you’ll need to react to each and every new challenge as it presents itself. Needless to say, you’ll have to have a clear head, but you’ll also need to have your hands free, either to equip a hose, use a tool, or simply direct others where to go. Therefore, you don’t have time to be fumbling with anything, be it a radio, a battery, or a cell phone, so make sure you’re organized and prepared ahead of time with the new True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness – specifically designed for a wildland firefighter, but it is also perfect for any chief.

True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness

Constructed of 1000D Cordura®, nylon mesh, nylon webbing and hardware, and Hypalon fabrics coupled with a round, ergonomically friendly design, the True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness is equipped with a proprietary internal-suspension system that allows it to comfortably sit on your chest, without any sagging or swinging, which could hinder and/or distract you. Utilize its integration straps to mount it directly to your line-pack shoulder harness, and its adjustable pockets are specifically designed to accommodate all makes and models of radios.

True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness

True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness

You can be assured of maximum levels of comfort, durability, and functionality with the True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness’ internal suspension system and upgraded, lightweight, low-profile back harnesses. Need a reliable storage option for a spare battery clamshell or other small items? The product’s half-moon-shaped, zippered opening offers efficient, quick access to an internal-organizer pocket located within its main pocket. Should you need to change positions suddenly or bend over, elastic straps firmly secure your radios in place, so you won’t have to worry about them falling out and getting damaged. Additional specs include:

True North Gen 2 Single Universal Radio Chest Harness

  • NFPA 1977
  • cell phone pocket can accommodate large phones and their cases
  • one-buckle closure on radio pocket
  • equipped with a spare-battery pocket
  • dual-pen slots available
  • chest footprint dimensions measure 10.5 inches by 10 inches

Enjoy hands-free organization and preparedness; for more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Original WACK-PACK: Don’t Keep It Under Your Hat

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the fire service or just starting your career, you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way when working on-scene. It also goes without saying that you’ll need to keep your head about you when things go awry, but what you keep on your head – in addition to your helmet – is equally vital. That’s why you need to have our Original WACK-PACK: a popular kit comprised of three powerfully life-saving devices, all able to be strapped to your helmet for quick, efficient access when you need them most.

Original WACK-PACK

Witmer Public Safety Group founder Mr. Jim Witmer saw a need for an affordable pack of tools for firefighters to use, especially when they’d recently graduated from the fire academy and needed things that weren’t already provided to them, hence the creation of the Original WACK-PACK. In addition to looking impressive, the Original WACK-PACK is comprised of two small, durable thermoplastic rubber door or sprinkler wedges – also referred to as chocks – that are ideal for everything from keeping doors open to chocking off a sprinkler. You may think these tools can be easily overlooked, but once you realize their full potential, you’ll be sure to have them handy at all times, as they can greatly assist you and save a lot of time in the process.

The Original WACK-PACK’s dependable, lightweight Life Light® flashlight is an intuitive, effective way to aim forward-facing light in any direction in front of you as you turn your head. A long-time favorite of firefighters, these flashlights are time-tested and have proven the worth to legions of firefighters. Featuring a surprisingly bright beam, the Life Light® offers a curved, ergonomically friendly design, a non-slip rubber grip (allowing it to be easily and firmly held), a glow-in-the-dark switch, and a convenient loop clip.

Best of all, the flashlight’s bright color scheme (blue, yellow, or red, depending on available stock) allows it to be easily located, should you drop or misplace it. Even better, its price point is agreeable to any firefighter’s budget, no matter if you’re just starting out or have been on the job for decades.
Finally, each tool of the Original WACK-PACK is brought together by a durable, heat-resistant rubber strap that allows you to easily mount the flashlight and wedges on your helmet, thereby giving you immediate access to these vitally important tools whenever the need arises.

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. Time has, unfortunately, passed the Original WACK-PACK by, and we are discontinuing its sale because the Life Light® flashlight vendor only constructs them with LED capabilities now. But don’t sweat it; you can still purchase a limited number of the Original WACK-PACK kits at a clearance price, or take a look at the modernized kit, the Wack-Pack LED, which features the aforementioned LED lighting upgrade, along with the standard tools of its predecessor.

Wack-Pack LED

So what are you waiting for? Get this affordable, crucially useful kit now while it’s on clearance at TheFireStore.com.