Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Brave Rough Waters With the New Sentinel Dry Suit

Don’t be fooled: Moving water is an extremely powerful force that is often underestimated, even by fire service professionals. Only six inches of rapidly flowing water can sweep a person off his or her feet; just one to two feet of water can take lives; and two feet can carry off a vehicle – look no further than the recent flooding and subsequent, water-based rescues last week in San Antonio, Texas, for evidence of that.

Known for their intuitive solutions, devotion to providing professional, military, and recreational users with the industry’s most-innovative products for marine flotation and climate protection, Mustang Survival strives to bolster performance, encourage exploration, and inspire adventure in the marine environment. Ideal for personal suit-issue protocols, the new Sentinel Series Water Rescue Dry Suit with Adjustable Neck Seal is perfect for floods, swift water, and ice-rescue situations. Here’s why:

Mustang Survival Sentinel Series Water Rescue Dry Suit with Adjustable Neck Seal

Tested and validated by water-rescue professionals, the Coast Guard, and other military-rescue operations, the waterproof, breathable Mustang Survival Sentinel Series Water Rescue Dry Suit with Adjustable Neck Seal features reduced bulk and an increased range of motion, thereby enabling it to excel in the most-demanding, water-rescue environments. Its enhanced features offer specific advantages that are credited to protecting rescuers in severe, unpredictable environments:

Constructed of impermeable, breathable GORE-TEX® dry-suit fabric, its reinforced ankle overcuffs with side zippers can be donned over boots and Velcro® closures to ensure maximum adjustability. Use its two-point, attachment-removable suspender system to ensure you get an improved fit, augmented mobility, and excellent comfort.

Need to make small repairs to the suit? Simply employ the use of the Mustang Survival Sentinel Series Water Rescue Dry Suit with Adjustable Neck Seal’s Rapid Repair Technology to replace neck and wrist seals or to fix small leaks. Additionally, reinforced, molded-foam elbow and knee pads provide stalwart protection to these sensitive areas, while SOLAS retro-reflective tape on the suit’s arms give increased visibility – an extra safeguard when light is scarce.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Protection Starts at the Top with the Legend X

As a firefighter, you need to be ready for action at a moment’s notice. But first, you need to be adequately prepared with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Whether it be to protect against inhaling potentially dangerous smoke, debris, or toxins or protecting your skin from searing heat, proper use of PPE is paramount. With that said, be sure to remember that safety starts at the top, as protecting your head with a sturdy, reliable helmet can prevent head injuries that could lead to acute- or chronic-health conditions.

LION American Legend X Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA

From product development to manufacturing and from cleaning to repairs, LION ensures that first responders all over the world are ready for action when they’re needed to respond. The new LION American Legend X Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, offers steadfast, stalwart protection coupled with ample headroom and a lightweight fit that result in on-the-job comfort and mobility. Here’s how:

The LION American Legend X Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, features wider dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of different head and hood sizes. Weighing between 50-56 ounces, it is constructed with a low-profile SMC shell with a powder coat. Its impact-resistant finish will allow its color scheme to remain strong, no matter what kind of abuse it takes when on-scene.

LION American Legend X Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA

Utilize its ratcheting headband with a Nomex® foam wrap to adjust it to fit head sizes between 5.5 – 9.5. Simply adjust its patented Center of Gravity™ adjustment system to attain a customized fit. Immediately tighten or loosen the LION American Legend X Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, by using its quick-release, easy-to-adjust chin strap. Additional specs include the following:

  • suspension: three-position, rear-ratchet height adjustment
  • eye protection: faceshield, flip-downs, goggles or goggles and flip-downs
  • reflective elements: 2 inches by 2.5 inches of lime-yellow-colored 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material Trapezoids
  • no-melt, aluminum-core edge binding
  • helmet colors available: Black, Red, White, and Yellow

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The 10-in-1 Tomahawk: Ideal For Extrication

As it stands, motor-vehicle crashes have been and continue to be sources of severe injuries and deaths in the U.S. Moreover, vehicle-design changes, in conjunction with changes in emergency-spinal care guidelines, have only augmented the challenges that fire, EMS, and rescue teams face during vehicle extrications. The good news? An occupant that utilizes a properly functioning restraint system stands a much better chance of surviving a motor-vehicle crash as opposed to 10-plus years ago, but a successful extrication will still be mandatory. This is where the versatile, convenient Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s effectiveness is fully realized. Here’s why:

Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk

Designed to allow you to breach the exterior of a vehicle in order to safely reach and extricate trapped occupants, the head of the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk consists of a pry bar on one end and a hardened point on the other. Its pry bar has a number of important uses: making a purchase point in a door, hood, or trunk for hydraulic-tool insertion; prying off hatch and trunk-gas struts; and acting as a gas shut-off valve.

Or, should you need blunt force, utilize the flat surface of the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s pry bar to hammer in cribbing, wedges, or the striking surface to provide an effective driving point into objects. Use its hardened point to break glass, make purchase points in laminated glass, or punch into a tire to make strike-insertion points in the vehicle’s body. Truly regarded as a 10-in-1 tool, the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s handle is equipped with a number of other critically important extrication tools, including a laminated-glass saw, a beveled-plastic cutter, a large trim puller/spanner wrench, a gasket puller, and more.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be Secure in Tight Spaces with the Pre-Rig

When faced with a confined-space rescue, knowing what to expect is anything but the norm: Confined spaces vary in size, shape, and location, so there aren’t any established methods for devising adequate strategies to prepare for them. Thanks to their extensive foundation in manufacturing mountaineering and rock-climbing equipment, Yates Gear has drawn upon its extensive experience to create rescue, rigging, rope access, and tactical-specific equipment to deal with these precarious rescues. The Stokes Litter Pre-Rig is a perfect example of this intuitive ingenuity. Here’s why:

Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig

Specially designed to enable safer, more effective patient evacuation from extremely tight, confined spaces during various rescue operations, the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig can be attached to any Stokes Litter. It is exceptionally sturdy: The Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig has a rated strength of 5,000 lbf (22kN), while its unique Y suspension system greatly diminishes congestion at its upper-attachment point.

Extremely versatile, the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig – referred to as “the spider” – can be adjusted to safely accommodate a wide range of measurements, depending on the circumstances of the rescue. Lengths range from 18 inches above the litter to a maximum distance of five feet; the former height enables you to avoid any slack in the spider, thereby giving you more control during rescue operations – allowing for tight-space evacuations when every inch counts. Simply utilize its quick-adjust Mil-Spec hardware to achieve your desired length. Additionally, should you need a low-angle stretch harness, half of the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig can be utilized as such, which nullifies the need to buy any additional harnesses.

When you’re in a tight spot, be sure to rely on the Yates Gear Stokes Litter Pre-Rig. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quality Is Key with Dex-Pro Gloves

It goes without saying that having proper hand protection during firefighting is of paramount importance. Burns and other injuries to the hand represent a large portion of all fireground-related injuries. A good pair of comfortable gloves must fit correctly to provide the proper levels of insulation, as trapped air inside the glove acts as a good insulator and conforms to the hand, which facilitates proper hand function.

Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves

As a leading manufacturer of head-to-toe protection for first responders, Fire-Dex incorporates over thirty years of top-quality, industry-leading innovations into all of their products, including the all-important fire gloves that firefighters need to rely on for every call. Their Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves incorporate an intuitive, three-dimensional construction that combines pioneering design features with fit-for-purpose materials to form a glove that delivers maximum dexterity, extreme durability, and superior protection.

Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves

The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves are constructed with only the finest materials: The backs of the gloves are 3.0-ounce, top-grain cowhide that has been tanned with a proprietary blend of silicone and other additives. These materials ensure that the gloves stay soft after repeated wet/dry cycles. You can be assured of a firm, secure grip in wet or dry conditions thanks to 3.0-ounce, reverse-grain cowhide on the palms. This reliable, cowhide-based material makes for the perfect outer-shell material because of its balance of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort.

The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves’ fourchettes, or the sides of the fingers, are comprised of highly flexible, water-resistant, 2.0-ounce goatskin. Be assured that your hands will be fully fortified with extra protection: The gloves’ outer reinforcements have knuckle and palm guards; each is constructed of 3.0-ounce cowhide and cover the entire width of the hand. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the gloves bunching up and restricting your hands thanks to a thin, lightweight, breathable Vapor Flex™ Moisture Barrier.

By consistently striving to go the extra mile to ensure their dedicated firefighting clientele has only the highest-quality gloves possible, Fire-Dex infuses cutting-edge technology into the Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves:

  • Dex-Flex™ Finger Design: The gloves’ pre-bent, three-dimensional Dex-Flex™ Finger Design more closely mimics the actual orientation of the hand and fingers while at rest.

  • Liner-Loc™ Technology: This unique feature ensures against liner pull-out with nine separate attachment points.

  • Keystone Thumb: Offering the most ergonomically sound thumb pattern available, the gloves’ Keystone Thumb is sewn separately into the palm of the glove, which allows for a full, 360-degree range of motion and maximum flexibility.

  • Rollover Finger Design: This eliminates bulky seams at the tips of the fingers.

  • Viper Flex™ Moisture Barrier: This serves a dual purpose: reduces restriction in the glove and diminishes hand fatigue.

  • Tex-80 Kevlar® Thread: The gloves offer superior tensile strength and resistance to abrasion thanks to this durable thread.

  • Nomex® Knit Wrist: The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves can be ordered with a Nomex® Knit Wrist, which is reinforced with a leather pull-strap.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Be Fit for the Fire with BlastMasks

Being a firefighter is not simply an occupation; it is a way of life. Along with the immense pride and bravery that are invariably associated with the job, the degenerative effects of time, physical abuse, and physiological stress are also inevitably connected to it. A line-of-duty death (LODD) caused by a cardiac-related incident, such as a myocardial infarction, is not an unfamiliar occurrence in the fire service. Therefore, it is utterly critical that firefighters be ever-mindful of their cardiovascular fitness at all times. An innovative, effective way of doing so is with new Breathing Limited Air Situational Training Masks, also known as BlastMask Training Regulators. Here’s why:

BlastMask Training Regulators

The facts are disturbing: More than 50 percent of LODD-related incidents and 30% of firefighter injuries are directly attributable to stress, overexertion, or a general lack of fitness. This is where the usefulness of BlastMask Training Regulators is fully realized: They allow you to conduct multiple training and fitness exercises – either with or without self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) packs – that can dramatically improve your tactical preparedness.

BlastMask Training Regulators

BlastMask Training Regulators are effective tools for replicating the physical demands of the fireground or to bolster aerobic capacity: During real-life scenarios, maximum oxygen consumption is reduced by 14.9% by the SCBA regulator and from the weight of the pack. Additionally, peak-power output and SPO2 (oxyhemoglobin saturation) are decreased by the regulator alone. To allow you to prepare for these deficiencies, attach the BlastMask Training Regulator to your facepiece to simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your cylinders.

BlastMask Training Regulators

They’re loaded with great features: Constructed of durable polycarbonate resin, the BlastMask Training Regulators offer the same high-impact resistance and strength found with law enforcement riot gear and ballistic vests. Use an easy air bypass valve – similar to the one found on your SCBA regulator – to gain immediate access to full air with a turn of a knob. 

BlastMask Training Regulators

Using BlastMask Training Regulators are good for your department’s financial health, too: By using them, you’re sparing valuable manpower and time that would be spent on refilling SCBA bottles. Therefore, resources can be kept readily available for real emergencies, not to mention they decrease costly wear-and-tear damage on pricy SCBA regulators.

Before you can save lives, you have to train to prolong yours. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fire Cam 1080: A Must-Have for Firefighters

The value that helmet cameras bring to the firefighting profession cannot be overstated. Whether it be for developing fireground-based strategies and tactics or for studying fire behavior and reading smoke, the utility of this infinitely useful technology is invaluable to modern firefighters.

Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera

Having established their reputation for industry-leading, rugged, and lightweight, body-worn cameras a decade ago, Fire Cam has successfully integrated their customers’ feedback in order to develop products that are not only industry-compliant, but are also revolutionizing the public-service industry. Specifically built to assist with interior-firefighting operations in mind and infused with the input of firefighters, the new Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera is perfectly equipped to be a valuable tool for training, documenting fireground-related incidents, developing critiques, and performing fire investigations.

Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera

The sturdy Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera is constructed of heat-resistant, anodized aluminum and is equipped with a heat-resistant glass lens. While it is fully capable of withstanding temperatures reaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit for brief periods of time, it is not recommended for training in burn buildings or flashover buildings where intense temperatures are maintained for extended periods of time.

The high-definition Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera is loaded with industry-leading, state-of-the-art features: Along with a new Sony lens, it is capable of filming 1080@ 60 fps, thereby enabling firefighters to capture amazing slow-motion videos. When battling dark, smoky conditions or during nighttime operations, the camera’s innovative, low-light sensor imbues visually obscured videos with illuminating clarity.

Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera

By using your Smartphone, the Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera can be controlled directly through its built-in WIFI, and a related app may be purchased in the Google Playstore and the Apple App store. Once the app is launched on your phone, a litany of control-based options becomes available: starting/stopping recording, previewing live video, and changing the video’s resolution, among many others. Some additional accessories included with the Fire Cam 4K WIFI Camera include:

  • 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Card
  • two rechargeable batteries
  • a BlackJack BJ004 Mount for traditional- and modern-style helmets
  • USB cable for connecting to a computer charger
  • AC wall charger
  • waterproof cap for underwater incidents (up to 30 feet)

Don’t be without this versatile, must-have tool for your interior-firefighting needs. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit