Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cairns N6A Houston Leather Helmet

Utilizing over 170 years of industry experience, MSA’s reputation as the worldwide leader in worker protection and safety-product innovation is well-deserved. The Cairns N6A Houston Leather Helmet epitomizes this legacy of excellence, offering the high quality and appearance that generations of firefighters have trusted since 1836. Here’s the deal:

Setting the standard for traditional-style helmets, each Cairns N6A Houston Leather Helmet is individually hand-fitted, hand-shaped, hand-stitched, and hand-trimmed to last for years without maintenance. The Cairns N6A Houston Leather Helmet meets the NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition for structural firefighting standards thanks to the added protection it offers. Here’re some of its many benefits to keep in mind:

  • an engineered impact cap comprised of high-temperature, rigid urethane foam with a durable, Lexan outer dome and an ABS inner liner offer advanced thermal, impact, and penetration protection
  • the helmet’s unique design increases protection where it’s needed most – at the sides
  • the six-way, overhead-strap suspension system reduces any shock transmission at the top of the helmet, while featuring a snug, comfy fit at the same time
  • it is comprised of a Sateen cotton liner with a leather-brow patch that is sewn to high-density foam backing around the liner’s circumference
  • its soft, black Nomex chinstrap features a one-hand, quick-release buckle and the postman slide offers quick, easy adjustment
  • the helmets are available in a number of different colors, including yellow, white, red, and more
  • jumbo earlaps feature increased neck coverage and protection
  • Cairns offers insurance against fireground damage along with their five-year shell-replacement warranty
  • eye protection includes Bourke Eyeshields that easily exceed US-OSHA (CFR 1910) NBSIR-1977 standards
  • six-inch fronts are sold separately

Additionally, the Cairns 4-inch Tuffshield features superior thermal and scratch resistance. Cairns faceshields are equipped with wing protectors that are constructed of the same fire-proven, non-metallic material found in Cairns faceshield hardware that gives bolstered face protection coupled with increased strength and stability at high temperatures.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor Hood

As a leading manufacturer of head-to-toe firefighter protection gear, Fire-Dex’s commitment to customer satisfaction, production excellence, and product innovations has paved the way for continued, rapid growth and the ability to consistently develop and acquire new, life-saving technologies in the fire-protection market. The lightweight, flexible, Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor Hood encapsulates this commitment in a number of ways. Here’s how:

Fire-Dex realizes the chances of firefighters being afflicted by cancer are three times higher than most Americans, which is why the Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor Hood is more than capable of providing the maximum levels of protection needed when on scene. Its design is comprised of a two-layer PBI Knit Hood with a DuPont Particulate Barrier Hood. A layer of cutting-edge DuPont Nomex® Nano-Flex material on the hood’s inside acts as a filter to reduce firefighters’ exposure to carcinogens and other contaminants found at the fireground, thereby providing the highest levels of particle-barrier filtration and thermal and flashover protection. In fact, this revolutionary material blocks fine particulates just as well as a watertight covering can.

Comprised of non-woven web technology and made of submicron, continuous fibers, the Nano-Flex material is extremely lightweight (.5 ounces) and is completely breathable. Additionally, you can be assured of a comfortable fit that is second-to-none thanks to the hood’s flat-lock hood seams coupled with TrueFit elastic. The Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor Hood meets all the hood requirements of NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

TheFireStore Exclusive Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag

Need a firefighter gear bag that has the strength and durability to store and carry all your gear and then some? TheFireStore Exclusive Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag – an ideal tool for any active firefighter – is especially designed to do just that!

Utilize TheFireStore Exclusive Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag’s large main compartment and spacious, front-zipped storage pocket to easily access all your gear quickly so you can get it on (or off) at a moment’s notice. This oversized bag’s innovative PVC inner construction material offers big advantages compared to other materials. It is:

  • lightweight
  • water-resistant
  • stain-resistant
  • fast-drying
  • easy-to-clean

TheFireStore Exclusive Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag also features a unique, highly advanced PVC inner lining with anti-bacterial properties that halt microbial growth – no need to worry about unpleasant odors and mildew! A large, gold-colored Maltese Cross adorns one side of the bag, prominently displaying your firefighting pride when it carrying it.

The bag’s outer material is comprised of a durable nylon material, which is specially engineered to resist the damaging effects of direct sunlight, liquids, and all the day-to-day wear and tear that active firefighters experience. The bag’s sturdy outer dimensions measure 26 inches long by 16 inches wide by 20 inches tall. Triple-reinforced stitching and heavy-duty double zippers coupled with two-inch webbing handles that extend the entire length of the bag bolster its overall toughness.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Extrication Gloves

With over a decade of experience serving the cut- and puncture-safety market, HexArmor’s team of safety advisors worked closely with their customers to garner their input in order to give them the protection they deserve. As a result, HexArmor has redefined safety by developing unique safety products that meet the specific needs of their customers. The HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Gloves were purpose-built to be the safest glove available for first responders.

This great addition to the EXT Rescue® Series, the HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Gloves, successfully prevents the liner from being pulled out, a common occurrence and frequent complaint regarding barrier gloves. No longer will you struggle to get your hands back into your gloves. Why? The liner is sewn-in. These comfortable, OSHA-compliant gloves feature superior protection in any environment. Here’s the deal:

  • palms feature interior layers comprised of SuperFabric® brand material that have ISEA Level 5 cut and puncture resistance, meaning you can confidently and safely handle broken glass and twisted metal 

  • a waterproof H2Xbarrier lining meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards

  • highly abrasion-resistant, durable TP-X® palm material allows for a firm, solid grip

  • superior back-of-hand protection guards against injuries to those areas of the hands

  • reinforced index finger and thumb saddles extend the gloves’ lives

  • SlipFit® cuff with Velcro® closure provides a great fit and easy on and off between calls

Additionally, the HexArmor EXT Rescue® Barrier 4014 Extrication Gloves are machine-washable and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from Small to 2X-Large.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Majestic Valor Hoods Now Available

As a leading manufacturer of fire-retardant hoods, accessories, and ARC-rated apparel, Majestic Fire Apparel, Inc. brings over 17 successful years of service to the fire and safety industry. Majestic’s new Valor Hoods epitomize the company’s motto of “manufacturing safety with your needs in mind”.

The 100% Nomex, sage-green-colored Valor Hoods are part of Majestic’s “Valor Line”; each 21-inch-hood features bold-black fire ink printed across the front apron’s center, definitively denoting one of the following:

  • Veteran
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • Coast Guard

Featuring a two-piece construction consisting of flame-resistant materials that are pre-shrunk to lessen shrinkage, you can be assured of a comfortable fit around your face or SCBA mask due to an elastic face opening. The hoods have merrow-stitched seams: The top and bottom are covered with a five-thread cover stitch that ensures long-lasting durability and a contoured fit. The hoods’ versatility is virtually unmatched; here’s why:

  • wider width allows increased air circulation
  • the fabric won’t stretch because of its ample width and size
  • extra surface area for moisture disbursement allows for quicker evaporation, which keeps the wearer dry
  • notched shoulders
  • universal sizing available
  • protective properties are maintained after washing
  • certified NFPA 1971-2013 and comply with Cal/OSHA standards

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Globe 10-Inch Station/Wildland Boots

As one of the oldest, largest, and most-trusted manufacturers of turnout gear in the world, Globe has provided high-quality, innovatively designed gear for over 125 years, including the durable, flexible, and comfortable Globe 10-inch Station/Wildland Boots.

Designed to be worn by men or women and ideal for everyday station wear or urban-interface wildland firefighting, the NFPA 1977-certified Globe 10-inch Station/Wildland Boots feature specially softened, tumbled-leather uppers that offer excellent flexibility and mobility: They are specially designed to move and flex with you.

Need top-quality traction and durability? Here’s the deal: The boots have slip-resistant Vibram®-contoured cup outsoles that are flame-, abrasion-, oil-, and slip-resistant, even when exposed to extreme heat and cold for prolonged periods of time. The boots’ athletic performance is bolstered by a two-part, cross-linking adhesive that bonds the outsoles to the uppers.

Staying cool and dry is easy thanks to full-height AEROSPACER bootie liners that wick moisture away, while slip-resistant treads offer secure traction on watery and icy terrains; self-cleaning lugs and omnidirectional tread patterns deliver unmatched stability on all terrains and while on ladders. Your toes will be safe: Lighter-than-steel, composite safety-toe caps effectively guard against any potential puncture-related injuries.

Additional specs include:

  • sizes: 5 through 18 (a total of 25 sizes to choose from)
  • widths: narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide
  • color: black

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New from TheFireStore: Hi-Vis Go Fit Bandz

Whether you’re at the gym making sure prepared for the next call or already responding to one, you know how tough it is keep your hair comfortably but firmly in place. Now you can do just that using comfortable, stylish Go Fit Bandz Reflective Headbands. Take a look below for more details on these excellent additions to your everyday gear.

Ideal for female firefighters, stylish Go Fit Bandz Reflective Headbands greatly enhance your visibility in low-light conditions and can increase personal safety when working on scene. Hand-made in the U.S., the 100% polyester Go Fit Bandz Reflective Headbands feature bright Neon Orange and bright Neon Lime colors and silver, reflective material. The velvet fabric found on the inside of the headband effectively catches sweat while preventing it from slipping and pulling out your hair. Additionally, cleaning couldn’t be easier: Simply hand wash it, and then lay it flat to dry.

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