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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We've Got Bags & Packs

Did you know TheFireStore has an exclusive line of great bags and packs? There are bags of all sizes, for various purposes that will serve you well. Below are a few of our top-sellers. 

Jumbo FireFighter Gear Bag

"Love the product! It goes with me everywhere! I take it in and out of my truck all the time and it never stops working. I just the strap had better placement or better padding, cause after awhile, it sucks to have on your shoulder when its fully packed. I can have all my gear, an extra pair of clothes, and boots and still have a little bit of room! I love the bag." -Taylor, Ohio

This oversized bag was designed especially for the active firefighter and is big enough to fit all your gear.  At 30"x14"x17", it has the capacity to carry all of your equipment and supplies. It features a large, main compartment plus five zippered storage pockets that allow you to organize your gear and keep wet items separate from dry items. The advanced PVC inner construction offers big advantages over other materials. It's lightweight, easy to clean, stain-resistant, and fast-drying. Learn more details of the Jumbo Firefighter Gear Bag. 


Bailout Bag w/ Personal Escape Rope

"This is just what I was looking for, and the price was great. I have not used the bailout bag yet (knock on wood)but after being a climber for a few years, I think this will work just fine in an emergency application." -Bill, Seattle

The Bailout Bag is a small rope bag filled with Personal Escape rope to use if you're ever in a bind. With a diameter of about 4" and a height of 7.5"-9", it's convenient enough to carry without weighing you down. The bag has a chrome swivel snap hook for easy attachment to your gear, and a lime/yellow reflective trim to make it visible, and is available in four colors. Learn more details here


Brandywine Air Mask Bag with Felt Liner

"This bag is large and plush and the clip and velcro is well made." -Chris, Florida
This a great bag option when you're looking to protect all styles of air masks. It's a rugged and water-resistant 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon bag that's outfitted with a soft felt lining. Placement of your mask into the bag is simple with it's top and side Velcro closure. A metal snap-ring is affixed to the bag for easy attachment to your gear, and the pull-tabs make for quick and easy access. Learn more details of the Brandywine Air Mask bag.

Find these and more great TheFireStore Exclusive bags and packs on our website.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Most Popular Pull-On Structural Boot

These boots are amazing. They fit like tennis shoes that you can wear into a fire. You'll never buy another pair of boots. -Marsh, FL

There's a reason that the Globe Supreme 14" Structural Pull-On Fire boots continue to remain a popular, sought-after choice for the firefighter. They're ranked a 4.8 out of 5 by our reviewers and 96% of wearers would recommend them to a friend. They're not deemed, "The most comfortable boots you will ever wear" for no reason.

They boast the sneaker-like feel that make them a popular choice. The highly flexible material can endure up to 1,000,000 flexes with zero compromise in performance. There's a multi-layer composite puncture protection insole, and a 3D-molded shin guard which protects you when you're on a ladder. The included Snug-Fit inserts give that extra boost to customize your comfort level. The special CROSSTECH moisture barrier provides unmatched protection, and the composite-safety toe keeps you protected if heavy objects fall. 

The simple fact of the matter is: Globe designed these boots to be an exceptional option to bridge the gap between ultimate comfort and ultimate protection. Quite simply, they're designed to help you do your job easier, from start to finish. 

For more details on these great boots, visit us on TheFireStore.com.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Gloves

The popular Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication gloves truly maximize your "gloves-on capability" in all your fire ground tasks.

Wearers rave about the versatility. Check out these reviews:

These gloves actually allow for good dexterity. I could actually tie complex knots with these gloves on. This makes them great for training and passing of skills testing as well as improved safety during fire scenes because you can feel what you are doing. - Logan, UT

I was debating buying gloves because I had gloves prior but, they sucked and were hard to move my hand in. Once I bought these gloves I was able to get ready faster and can do everything in these gloves. Super comfortable and when wet your hand stays dry. LIFE WITHOUT THESE GLOVES IS UNTHINKABLE. -Silvercola, New Jersey


Some of the features of the Fusion gloves include: Fire Retardant Pathogen/Moisture barrier which provides improved tactility, varied layering schemes that avoid bulking, mesh knit inner liner to reduce friction when taking off/putting on, and a flexible 7-layer knuckle guard system that provides the best protection of any gloves out there. 

The insides of the gloves are fully lined with two layers of a highly breathable, completely sealed polymer membrane, which prevents liquid and blood borne pathogen penetration.  The reflective tape is strategically placed on the glove's backside near the wrist area to help keep you seen and safe.

This glove is offered in a long cuff or short cuff option and in sizes XS-3XL. 

Find the perfect Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Glove fit for you on TheFireStore.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hand Tools Sale - Save 10%

For a limited time you can enjoy 10% off Hand Tools at TheFireStore. With a wide range of great tools that help get the job done, this is a sale you don't want to miss.

Here a few of our favorites:

Channellock 86 Rescue Tool

At just over 9 inches tall and weighing less than 1 lb., this small tool packs a powerful punch. The Channellock 86 tool was created with the feedback from First Responders and was designed for easy, intuitive, one-hand operation in high-stress situations. Some of it's tool features are: jaw design to accommodate many shapes and give maximum grip, gas safety valve shut-off, the ability to pry open windows and doors, and a spanner wrench to tighten and loosen up to 5-inch hose couplings.

Topsaw Tool

The Topsaw Tool is the ultimate chainsaw maintenance tool. Watch this video to learn all the details and how this tool can benefit you.

TFT Res-Q Wrench

The Res-Q Wrench is a tool that's made to do more. First, it's a spanner designed to work with rocker lug hand-line and supply-line couplings. It's also made with a carbide tip window punch that can quickly pop out windows during extrication. You'll also find a seat belt cutter, pry wedge, gas valve shut-off, and oxygen bottle wrench inside the Res-Q Wrench. The foldable design makes it easy to carry in a turnout pocket or tool pouch.

Browse all other Hand Tools on our website and enjoy 10% off now through June 29th.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Traffic Control Options

Controlling traffic at an emergency scene is important for the safety of all those involved and those passing by. It is critical to have proper traffic control products on hand to warn oncoming vehicles of what's to come and to keep the flow of traffic smooth.

Here are some products that will help you to be seen and safe while keeping those around you safe, too.


Throwing on a hi-vis vest should be one of the first things you do when you're controlling traffic. A great option is the Lakeland Hi-Vis Public Safety Vest.

This vest will keep you compliant, giving you better visibility against all backgrounds and under all conditions. The Lakeland Hi-Vis Public Safety vest design is lightweight and comfortable, and it features advanced breakaway shoulders and sides to allow easy on and off. The vest comes with 2 mic-tabs and an inside, left-chest pocket for your radio or personal belongings.


Another great addition to your traffic control products is a battery operated LED Road Flare like this one from Aervoe

The Aervoe Road Flare is a durable and safe alternative to standard incendiary flares. Made to be crushproof, waterproof (up to 50 feet), and floatable, they're built to last. There are 7 flash patterns to choose from and all are visible up to 7 miles. The flare can be conveniently attached to any magnetic surface, making them the ideal choice for road safety by emergency responders.


Lastly, you can't go wrong with the Traffic Cone. JBC Safety Plastics make a great wide-body option, shown here:

This traffic cone is made of premium grade PVC, premium fluorescent orange materials, 3M High Intensity Grade 3840 reflective sheeting, and is anything but ordinary. This cone has a strong mechanism foundation that can absorb huge amounts of force from impact without damaging the cone, making it highly durable. The special 'basketball grip' technology used inside the cones keep them from sticking together when they're stacked.

Find these and many more Traffic Control products on our website.

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Force in Firefighting: Nozzles

The New Force nozzles we're going to show you today are based on a global nozzle platform design and combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience. The G-Force Nozzles incorporate unique performance components such as the stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen, and protective fog pattern choices.

Below we'll show you a couple of the high performing nozzles that come in a low-cost package.

G-FORCE 1.5 NHF Tip & Ball Valve with Automatic Pressure and Variable Flow & Pistol Grip

This is a two-piece nozzle design including a combination nozzle tip and a comfortable pistol grip. It's available in 75psi or 100psi and with your choice of nozzle teeth shown below.

The ball-valve configuration allows for break and extended operations, and the unique slide-style valve and position valve provide turbulence-free stream performance. The large index ring with an indicator allows for easy flow or flush selections even with a bulky, gloved hand. 

Learn more details about this nozzle

Task Force Tips: G-Force 1.5 NHF Slide Valve with Selectable Flow with Fixed Pressure

This one piece nozzle design features five detent flow positions and the choice of 75 or 100 PSI when you place your order. It has a stainless steel slide valve and can be flushed without pattern adjustment or shutting the nozzle down. The optimal straight stream and fog pattern performance are achieved at the selected flow and the single rated pressure (30/60/95/125/150gpm). The integral tactile indicator provides optional preset pattern selection or lock out. 

Learn more details about this nozzle


Find more great New Force in Firefighting nozzles and products on our website. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Better-Than-Ever Glo Fat Ivan

It's hard to forget a name like Fat Ivan.

The Glo Fat Ivan was created purely out of necessity to aid firefighters in keeping doors open behind them, and to keep hose lines from getting pinched under doors. Regular door chocks can be bulky, annoying to carry, and time-consuming to set up. The Fat Ivan is a small, foldable door chock that fits in your pocket (or in your helmet band) and can be used on any door hinge.

This short video will show you how the Fat Ivan works.

The GLO Fat Ivan features a Glo-in-the-dark TheFireStore logo helping it to remain visible. It is made in the U.S.A. and has all of the great features Fat Ivan users love: a compact, lightweight design, a strong and durable build, and a 100% guarantee.

Available in four colors (red, white, yellow, black), and a 100% warranty coverage if it breaks, you simply can't go wrong with a Fat Ivan.

Visit our website for more information on the Fat Ivan.