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Friday, April 18, 2014

It's a good Friday on Good Friday!

Happy Easter Weekend, TheFireStore fans. Just stopping in to let you know that we're closed today, Good Friday in observance of the holiday weekend.

But don't worry, as usual, when our headquarters are closed, our online website remains open and ready to accept all your orders.

Right now we've got all sorts of great deals for you. Whether it's our hot, new products section filled to the brim with our latest and greatest offerings, or our Sales & Clearance section. You'll find something you love and need, we're sure.

We hope you find yourselves having an enjoyable Easter weekend shared with friends and family.

We'll be back on Monday to receive your calls & ship your orders!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Product Feature: Tygh-Tool

Introducing the all new, Firefighter Pocket Multi-tool, the Tygh Tool, available now on our site! Created by a Philadelphia Firefighter, Dan Tygh, who wanted to solve a problem and make his job a little more effective-thus, the Tygh Tool was born. He wanted to make a product to keep his trips to and from the truck limited as it was wasting time on the scene. He wanted to make a tool that was small and versatile, but could be used for both routine and also less common firefighting tasks. He also wanted to combine tools for both engine and ladder work.

The Tygh Tool doesn't only function as a general tool, such as a hammer, wrench or pry bar, but it's tailored for firefighter needs by including the capabilities of a spanner wrench, gas shut-off, rope hose tool, door chock and much more! You might wonder how there can be over a dozen uses in one small tool-but it's true!

In less than 1lb, and easy to fit in your pocket, made out of a single piece of stainless steel, the Tygh Tool WILL survive the hardships of any fire job and will quickly become the most useful tool in your gear.

Here are it's featured uses:
  1. Pry bar – doors, windows, battery cables
  2. Spanner wrench – coupling and uncoupling hose 
  3. Gas shut off wrench (residential) / ½” wrench
  4. Commercial gas shut off wrench (spanner wrench)
  5.  Oxygen wrench / ¼” wrench
  6. Door keeper – fits over hinge, keeps doors open
  7. 10 ‘ loop of paracord 550 on handle  for many uses
  8. Rope hose tool – secures ladders and hose
  9. Striking tool  / Hammer
  10. Glass Breaker
  11. Nail puller / Chisel
  12. Overhaul tool – search for fire, remove trim, sheet rock, plaster and lath
  13. Marlin Spike – untying knots
  14. Anchor point for ropes
  15. Operates standpipe valves and gate valves (1/2", 9/16", 5/8" square stem) that are missing water control  wheel  or  handle due to vandalisim or theft with rectangular gas shut off or spanner wrench, residential water valves missing wheel (1/4" square) with O2 wrench, (5/16", 3/8" square) with 3/8" notch in handle
  16. Changes gas powered circular saw blades (1/2" wrench) 
  17. Emergengency Tourniquet
  18. Bottle Opener
To see photos of the Tygh Tool in it's element performing it's featured uses, check out our website here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gear up for Summer: Coleman FireFighter Coolers

The name brand in coolers you can trust, Coleman, has made awesome FireFighter coolers that are a great size for your next tailgating endeavor!

The Performance Series shown above is big enough to carry 38 cans, yet easy to tote around. It's features are as follows:
  • Heat Transferred graphic
  • Have-A-Seat lid™
  • Handle: Large grip comfortable handle
  • Lid: Have a seat™ lid
  • Insulation: Insulated case for longer ice retention
  • Capacity: 38 cans
  • Two cup holders
  • 18 x 12.75 x 15.5
  • 5 lbs

This 60 qt cooler is the big boy! Take it out to tailgating or use it for rehab on the scene. With those wheels it can be conveniently rolled from place to place. With the following features it's sure to earn it's way to your barbeque this season:Heat Transferred graphic
  • Have-A-Seat lid™
  • Handle: Retractable, telescoping handle
  • Lid: Have a seat™ lid
  • Insulation: Insulated case for longer ice retention
  • Capacity: 95 cans
  • Four cup holders
  • 22.5 x 17.5 x 17.5
  • 12 lbs
Get the newest from Coleman's Fire/Rescue Series for your next camping or beach trip.

Friday, April 11, 2014

On Location: From FDIC Trade Show & New Trailer on the Road!

Right now we're coming at you from the FDIC show in Indianapolis, IN---booth 106, at the Indiana Convention Center!

The show opened yesterday and the booth is hot, hot, hot with deals!

We've got rows of boots, helmets, and other great odds-n-ends, so be sure to stop on by!

If you can't stop by, don't you worry. We've got plenty of great steals and deals on our website with literally hundreds of products on sale. You don't have to be left out of special pricing just because you aren't in Indy! 


Also-be sure to check out our newly designed & wrapped trailer that tows all the goods across the country! We couldn't be happier with how our designers truly made this trailer look top notch, professional, and pretty darn cool to be seen on the road. 

So keep your eyes open as we travel home at the end of this weekend and maybe you'll see this bad boy on the road!

Thanks again for being the greatest customers around. We hope to see you in Indy, and if not--find us at one of our other 2014 Tradeshow locations!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NEW! Turnout Gear iPad Covers

We are so excited to announce that we now have Turnout Gear iPad Covers available for purchase on TheFireStore.com and in our showroom!

We have been really looking forward to launching these hot, new iPad covers since we know our Turnout Gear Wallets are a favorite among you. TheFireStore Exclusive Bunker Gear iPad covers are sure to be a hit, check 'em out!

  • Gemini PBI material with Kevlar filament reinforcement
  • Metal grommet opening for back side camera
  • Durable leather interior screen frame
  • Interior pocket for hard copy storage
  • Quick and easy device removal
This Exclusive TheFireStore Bunker Gear case for Apple® iPad® is made from Gemini PBI material reinforced with a Kevlar filament grid for superior tear strength and abrasion resistance—the same stuff that protects firefighters. Hi-Vis lime-yellow and silver triple trim is stitched on the outside front that also features TheFireStore branded flame.
  • The durable leather screen frame has two indents:
    • one for the power button
    • one for the screen side camera
  • The cover panel features an internal pocket to hold documents and/or paperwork.
  • An elastic band holds the cover shut
  • A metal grommet on the exterior face provides a durable opening for the back side camera.
  • Quick and easy device removal
  • Fits Gen 2 and up iPads
The convertible design allows you to flip the cover over and view your device's display in landscape orientation, so you can comfortably view media on your iPad® with the help of this case that easily converts into a stand for simple hands-free use. The cover also enables comfortable typing and a flat-laying option that also makes it easy to view media or browse the Web.

  • Closed - 7 ½” x 10” 
  • Fully Open – 7 ½” x 13 ¾”
  • Weight: 10 oz.
iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

To check out all our great color selections & trims on the new iPad covers, click here.

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Grilling Tools for the Firefighter in your life!

Summer is upon us and with that comes cookout season. Just picture it....the smell of the food lingering through the neighborhood, friends and family around you, and you, flipping burgers with the coolest grill master sets, ever.

The Ultimate Firefighting Grill Master set tames flames, shows off your grilling skills, and helps you look cool while doing it. With the Laster Cut "Fire Dept" Maltese Cross Spatula, and "Fire & Rescue" etched into the handle of all the pieces-it's the perfect gift idea for the Firefighter in your life!  The bottle openers at the end of both the spatula and the fork and integrated into the blade of the tongs, these are THE grilling tools for those looking to kick back and have a good time this summer.

These tools will make you look good at the grill and deliver the performance you expect when tackling a tough challenge. The backbone of all three pieces is a continuous, heavy duty stainless steel piece. Thermal protection is provided by the hard maple wood handles secured to the stainless steel by durable brass rivets. Rehab is only one step away thanks to an integrated bottle opener on all three pieces. Now you can show up on the scene with all the tools to show off the pride and skills of any firefighting cook.


  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel
  • Hard Maple Handles
  • Durable Brass Rivets
  • Full-Tang Construction
Available to be sold just as the spatula, or just with the tongs, or in the ultimate grilling pack---these are THE gift for the firefighter in your life. Heck, grab some for yourself. Or better yet---bring them over to your next barbeque to thank the cook.

Check 'em out here.

Happy Grill Season!

Friday, April 4, 2014

TheFireStore honored by Globe

This week we had a visit from Globe recognizing TheFireStore with an award. Below is information from the Press Release.

Coatesville, PA (TheFireStore.com) April 2, 2014 – TheFireStore has been recognized by Globe for their banner year, exceeding sales of Globe FootGear by more than 10% over the previous year. Both companies are committed to providing the best PPE available and this recent success illustrates their collective success in delivering top quality boots to firefighters nationwide.

“TheFireStore maximizes their multi-channel distribution model to reach firefighters and fire departments both near and far” according to John Cushman, Globe Sales Manager. “The consistent growth experienced over the last five years clearly indicates their approach is meeting the demands of those who are seeking to wear the best boots possible; designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and skilled American workers. They are truly a first-class dealer-partner with Globe”

Jim Witmer, CEO of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., the parent company of TheFireStore expressed his thoughts on the recent award saying “Five years ago we entered into our relationship with Globe to provide their best-in-class structural firefighting boots to our customers. Since then we have been proud to offer the full line of Globe products to firefighting professionals down the street and across the country. When I think of our mission of Equipping Heroes® our growing success to deliver Globe Footgear fits the mission perfectly.”

*press release by Bob H.


Thank you to Globe for this great honor. We've enjoyed our partnership with you thus far!

Find all Globe products on our website here.