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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A cool tool for You!

That right there? It's a tool the size of a credit card that could be life saving for you in a critical moment or situation. 

Surviving the unexpected is always about being prepared and with the Bear Grylls Card Tool it exceeds the standards. Who is this Bear Grylls guy, anyway? Not many know more than him about survival. He was an ex-British Special Forces officer, an experienced mountaineer and respected survival trainer. His knowledge of adventure helped create the card tool design there is today. It includes:
  • Fine Edge Blade with Fire Striker Notch on top edge
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Standard ruler
  • Metric ruler
  • Bottle opener
  • LED task light
  • Priorities of Survival pocket guide
The point of this card was to give you everything required for endurance in the wild, or in the city. The 1.5" fixed blade knife can remove easily from the Card Tool with an ergonomic finger hole and nail nick. At the other end are 3 everyday tools held securely in place: a Philips and a flat head screw driver alongside a compact ferrocerium rod, making tightening screws and starting fires the work of an instant. 

The tool even has a water-resistant LED task light, metric and standard rulers, and a bottle opener--all usable without being removed from the card. 

At only 3.4x2x3", this is an obvious inclusion as a daily pocket carry that could potentially save a life.

Get your Bear Grylls Card Tool today.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Customize & Order your Fronts and Badges!

Our custom Leather Fronts are known for being made with care and out of quality materials, making them look sharp, able to get the job done, but also last a long time.

It's the perfect time to get your hands on a fun and customizable front that will sit nice and pretty on your helmet. Our shield options are pretty endless. We offer different size and style shields based off of the helmet you wear, making it a fool-proof system when it comes to picking the right one!

You get to choose your leather color, panel and insert colors, number choice or medallion, lettering and wording, etc.

Our awesome Build-it, See-it, Buy-it Program makes it so easy to have fun with customization, to even print them off, get second opinions, and to really just make sure it's precisely what you're envisioning before you press purchase.

It doesn't stop there, though, because our Custom Badges are also fun to customize and order. You'll never be sorry with our badges, as they're made with precision and care.

Happy Customizing!

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Line! Wolfpack Gear: Safety, Comfort, Strength.

The New WolfPack Gear has everyone howling in excitement. It's a line that was founded in 2002 by Fire Captain & Paradmedic, Mike O. As a professional he knew exactly what dangers cheap materials can cause on the scene. The mission of Wolfpack gear is to improve the overall safety and quality of fire line packs and products that are used daily. 

Dedicated to Firefighter safety, comfort and strength, we are proud to offer Wolfpack Gear to you via our website, now. 

Let's tell you about a few of the products.

USAR Mission Back Pack

Designed as a 72 hour deployment pack, this bag holds the minimum required personal clothing and toiletries suggested by most teams. The day pack securely attaches to and detaches from the main harness with 4 side release buckles allowing you to carry your basic essentials to a forward base of operations.
  • Easily attaches and detaches to any of our harnesses (not included)
  • Detachable (back-up) suspender straps allow the bag to be used as a stand-alone back pack
  • Sized to easily carry and compartmentalize the essentials
  • Foul weather storm flap completely covers the pack and cleanly stows away
  • 2100 cubic inches of space
  • Bright yellow interior to increase visibility
  • Rugged handle allows carrying like a duffle bag
  • Adjustable helmet or rain gear pocket

 Carbon Series Low Profile Hydration Pack System

The Hydration Pack has a sleek design for those working with Wildland and USAR assignments
  • Utilizes Wolfpack wide padded shoulder strap design for maximized comfort
  • 102 ounce CamelBak reservoir included
  • Hydration tube routed through shoulder sleeve to maximize protection
  • Wide padded lumbar supporting belt and suspenders for better weight distribution
  • Accommodates the Wolfpack Detachable Day Pack (not included)
  • Horizontal Fire Shelter and other accessories can easily be attached using MOLLE system

    Aero spacer mesh construction

  • Mounts directly to suspenders
  • Padded strap set with wide mesh shoulder pads
  • Full size adjustable radio pocket
  • Adjustable fleece lined cell phone / GPS pocket
  • Full size map pocket with interior organizer
  • Roomy zippered exterior utility pocket
  • Optional QuiqLite available

To see all the other awesome bags, packs and accessories that Wolfpack has to offer, shop our website here. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EMI: Survivor Emergency Flashlight, don't be seen without it.

If you're looking for a safety item to keep in your car during these unknown weather days, or to keep on hand at home if the power were to go out--the EMI Survivor Emergency Flashlight would be it.

This Light is an essential piece to your emergency equipment should a disaster strike. 

The EMI Survivor light is a wind-up flashlight that is handheld and battery-free. There's no need to worry about the batteries wearing down, and needing replacements when replacements can't be bought. If you have a hand to wind-it-up, it will work.

The light combines a radio, even! It has an alarm, LED flashlight, and a cell phone charger all in one. This light needs no external power source. All you need is the wind-up handle and the Survivor will generate light and you can listen to the radio anywhere, anytime. It can generate up to one hour of power.

The light only weighs about 10oz, so it's easy to tote around, and measures in at 6 1/2"L x 2"Wx2"D.

Don't be put in a situation where you'll wish you had this on hand. Just have it on hand should any disaster arise. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Secur Products

Sun Power Bank 4000 Charger

If you're looking for Solar Power on-the-go to charge your smart phone, tablet, MP3 player, iPod, GPS, camera, or other digital device, the new Secur Products Sun Power Bank 4000 charger is your guy. This is an ultra high efficiency solar panel. It gives you 21.5% efficiency with broad light spectrum and provides up to four times the charging power of traditional solar panels.

It's got built-in USB cables for trouble-free charging and can recharge a cell phone up to FOUR times without needing to be recharged.

  • High Efficiency Solar Panel
  • High capacity lithium polymer battery: 4000 mAh
  • Built-in full size male USB cable and plug
  • Built-in male micro USB cable and plug
  • Female USB port for charging any digital devices
  • Built in micro USB for charging via
  • USB power sources
  • LED light indicator for current battery charge

 Mini Solar Cell Phone Charger

This emergency cell phone charger features a built-in solar panel and is small enough to carry anywhere. 

Mini cell phone charger for cell phones, iPods and other
 digital devices.
  • Features USB and micro USB ports
  • Charges via built-in solar panel
  • Can also charge via USB port, DC cigarette adapter 
or AC plug adapter
  • Carabiner hanging hook
  • Can be charged via optional external Secur Solar Panel
Technical Specifications:
  • Charging time with USB post: 2.5 hours
  • Charging time with built-in solar panel: 50 hours
  • USB input voltage: 5V
  • USB output voltage: 5V
  • 3.5" x 2.5" x 1"

Compact Folding 14 watt Solar Panel with Smart Chip Technology - Charge smart phones directly including iPhone 5 and iPad without an intermediate battery.

Charge any USB digital device or batteries directly – cell phones, smart phones, tablets, iPods, GPS, cameras, radios, portable batteries. These lightweight folding solar panels are the perfect solution for charging digital devices on the go. Includes a water resistant pouch with a built-in USB port to hold your digital device or battery. 

Secur Solar panels include Smart Chip technology that controls voltage levels so you can charge all digital devices directly – including iPhone 5 and iPads. On cloudy days the solar energy charging voltage will vary and some devices such as iPhone and iPad will automatically stop charging and will not resume when the power comes back. Secur's built-in smart chip automatically controls the start function with software and keeps charging all day long.

  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Smart chip technology to control voltage levels and allow direct charging of any digital device – including iPhone 5 and iPads
  • Lightweight and durable – no breakable glass covers
  • Built-in USB port
  • Durable sun-proof UVB protective material
  • Water resistant and built to travel
  • Enclosed water-resistant pouch for digital devices or batteries
  • Compatible with all Secur USB devices for lighting, emergency radios, cell phone chargers
Check out all the awesome Secur Products that will make your life easier when you're in a pinch.

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Pro Tech 8 Evolution Gloves

If you want the next Evolution in structural firefighting gloves then look no further, because it's here. The Brand New Pro Tech 8 Evolution gloves are awesome because Pro Tech 8 understands that the greatest threat to hand safety on the fire ground is when a firefighter's gloves are removed. They don't consider dexterity, grip, comfort and fit to be luxuries, but rather vital features for utmost protection.

The New Pro Tech 8 Evolution's are made of 100% High Burst Kevlar Thread throughout, with a 100% Kevlar/Litex Base Layer. The 100% Kevlar dimpled inner liner allows for efficient and easy on and off. The steam blocker protects the backside of hand and fingers, too. 

In addition to all this the cut level 8 knuckle guard system provides superior cut resistance and radiant heat protection. They are certified FR breathable, waterproof, blood-borne pathogen resistant giving you critical protection from unseen threats on the job. 

The palms are stitched down with a high burst Kevlar thread that gives you a powerful, worry-free grip. You're also going to get flexible finger sidewalls giving you the most dexterity when it comes to the tasks on the scene.

The construction of the Evolution gloves have been proven in the field to provide unsurpassed dexterity, grip, comfort and fit without sacrificing all the good stuff. Whether you're on the nozzle, using hand tools, operating radios, rope rescue systems, or during any fire ground operation these gloves will prove versatile and safe.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inventory Blowout

It's that time of year, folks! Inventory Blowout. Our loss is your gain...so step inside to see all the deals you can snag for up to 40% off.

Here's a peek at what we've got:

Boker Magnum: Compact Folding Rescue Knife

Whether you carry it as a firefighter, EMT, police officer, or a well-prepared civilian…this compact rescue knife should never be under-estimated! The black coated 440 stainless steel blade is partially serrated to handle all kinds of cutting tasks with ease. It opens easily with the thumb stud, and locks securely into place. Then the convenient liner lock lets you close it with one hand, almost as quickly as you can open it. The black anodized aluminum handle features a seatbelt cutter and glass-breaker for rescue situations. It’s shaped and textured for a secure grip…and it will stand up under the toughest tasks. The durable spring steel pocket clip even doubles as a money clip. So if it isn’t clipped onto your pocket, it can be doing double duty inside it.

The timeless style of an analog watch, combined with the functionality of a digital watch. This analog digital combination allows you to see up to 2 times or the date with day of the week. With the added features of an alarm, stopwatch and hourly time signal, you'll never lose track of time.

Technical Specifications:
  • 100M Water Resistant
  • Dual Time
  • Daily Alarm
  • 1/100 second digital stopwatch
  • Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"
  • Measuring mode: Net time
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month
  • Battery SR920W
  • Approx. battery life: 2 years

  • Cuts battery cables and soft metals in a flash
  • 4 lifesaving functions in 1 powerful little tool
  • Specially designed for First Responders
  • Small enough to slip into a turnout pocket
  • Light enough to let you move fast
  • Precision-made by Channellock in the U.S.A.