Wednesday, February 15, 2017

QALO Thin Red Line Rings: Wear Your Commitment With Pride

With all the dangers that are present on-scene, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your wedding band, but the fact remains: This enduring symbol of your commitment to your spouse can pose significant dangers to your safety. But QALO, a company inspired by a mission to fully embrace and share the power of commitment, realizes how essential marriage and family are to the pursuit of the best in life, which is why their new men’s and women’s silicone rings – comfortably fitting, tough, and safe enough to endure the rigors firefighters encounter on-scene – are the perfect way to show your commitment.

QALO Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring

QALO’s devotion to honor and commitment is demonstrated by their new Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring, which is constructed of medical-grade silicone that is specifically designed to protect you from a number of dangerous scenarios faced while on-scene, including ring avulsion from a traditional, metal wedding ring getting caught on something or debris falling on your ring finger, causing the metal to crush it.

QALO Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring

The new QALO Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring effectively counteracts each of those dangers: Its silicone construction allows the ring to bend and contour to your hand, making any potential injuries sustained from falling debris much less severe, and its unique shape will prevent any chance of degloving.

As its name suggests, the QALO Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring features an eye-catching, red-line-themed design that encircles the entire ring and shows respect to the intrepid firefighters that selflessly put their lives at risk in order to help others. 

QALO Men’s Thin Red Line Silicone Ring

As a continuance of their dedication and philanthropy toward firefighters, QALO has partnered with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and 24-7 Commitment to donate 20% of the sales from each ring sold to care for the families of current and fallen firefighters.

Also available for women, the rings have the following specs:

  • dimensions: men’s: .87 centimeters wide, .15 centimeters thick / women’s: .55 centimeters wide, .15 centimeters thick
  • tensile strength: men’s: ~85N / women’s: ~76N
  • elongation: ~489%
  • each is non-conductive and non-porous

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pound and Break With the NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer

There’s no denying it: When you’re working to save lives on-scene, every second counts. Whether you’re turning hydrants on or off, or cutting through wire, metal, or tree limbs, NuPro most likely has the tool you need to get the job done right. As a leader in U.S. manufacturing of specialty, industrial-grade hand tools, such as hammers, shovels, rakes, axes, and more, NuPro prides themselves on offering only the softest, fiberglass-handled tools available, including the new, 16-Pound Molded Sledge Hammer.

NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer

Respected as the innovator of the groundbreaking Tension – Continuous – Parallel pultruded Nuplaglas®, the NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer was created using state-of-the-art technology while keeping the specific needs of firefighters firmly in mind. Featuring heavy-duty fiberglass, co-molded grips and handles, and hardened-steel heads, the NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer’s 16-pound head allows you to do some heavy-duty pounding or breaking; for example, use it to create an opening in a wall to get to trapped victims during a house fire.

Durable enough to last a lifetime, the NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer has been engineered, tested, and retested to ensure only the finest performance. Utilize its 34-inch handle to generate a powerful, yet calculated, swing, and secure your grip with its molded handles. Additionally, all NuPro Molded Sledge Hammers are manufactured here at home to meet rigorous specifications, all backed by a lifetime warranty.

When only the best will do, rely on the NuPro Molded Sledge Hammer. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Better Tools Tool-Hose Bag: Lightweight and Durable

Driven by a credo to bring better, safer, more efficient, and innovative products to fellow firefighters around the world, Better Tools, LLC – founded by veteran Los Angeles Fire Dept. engineer Dennis Garrison and assisted by his co-worker and trusted friend, Dan Will – aims to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier and better, while, most importantly, reducing injuries. Lightweight and durable, the new EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag is specially designed to accommodate the job at hand. Here’s why:

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

In addition to complimenting the Spanner line – the only multi-function ratcheting, fire hydrant, fire hose, and fittings wrenches available on the market today – the waterproof, rip-stop-material-constructed Better Tools EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag can also easily accommodate a large variety of the hydrant tools that are most commonly used when on-scene. Utilize its three Velcro snaps to securely attach it directly to your supply hose. Once loaded, it will conveniently expand with your hose.

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

You can be assured of both protection of and easy access to all your important tools when using the Better Tools EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag: Its two-sided Velcro closure firmly secures them, thereby completely enclosing and shielding them from harsh elements and weather conditions, all while allowing quick, efficient access thanks to one pull of the opening strap. Additional specs include the following:

length: 22 inches
width: eight inches
weight: two pounds
Please note that EZ Spanner wrenches are sold separately.

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ARC Ladder Light: A Beacon of Safety

When it comes to structural firefighting, firefighter-safety equipment, and industrial-safety training, Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) has over 225 years of combined experience. By continuously striving to meet the needs of their fire-service customers, they are able to improve key resources and augment their capabilities to meet the needs of any challenge.

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Of the many hazards that fires present, lack of visibility due to smoke is one of the most dangerous. In broad-daylight conditions, it can be so thick that vision is severely obscured, while at night, firefighters can’t even see what they’re feeling with their hands. Consider the following scenario:

You’ve placed your ladder and have climbed onto the roof of a burning building. A hole punctures the roof, allowing thick, choking smoke to pour from the breach. The smoke cloud quickly envelops any sight of the ledge where the ladder was attached to. Luckily, after briefly searching, you safely reach the edge of the roof and locate the ladder. You had enough time during the encounter to make your escape, but what if you needed to get off the roof immediately?

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Enter the ARC Ladder Light, specifically designed to provide the necessary illumination so that firefighters can quickly, easily, and efficiently locate their ladders and descend safely. Built to withstand the harsh environments that firefighters endure, the durable ARC Ladder Light is housed in a strong, polycarbonate case with sealed switches that ensure its longevity.

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Along with a number of versatile mounting options that allow it to be attached to virtually any surface, the ARC Ladder Light can produce a maximum of 372 lumens to create a piercing beam of light capable of being seen from great distances, thereby alerting incoming ground and/or air units of your exact position. Some additional specs include:

  • operating temperature range: -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • water-resistance rating: IP66
  • switches: silicone boot
  • LED color: green, low-battery warning indicator: red (LED)
  • hardware: stainless and zinc
  • eleven programmable flash/constant ON modes are pre-programmed

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The WICK 100-4H™ Is an Ultra-Lightweight and High-Performing Fire Pump

More than just a fire hose and pump manufacturer, Mercedes Textiles offers over 35 years of experience in manufacturing firefighting-based innovations, thereby ensuring that firefighters have the best tools at their disposal when fighting fires. Their premiere, fluid-delivering systems are in world-wide demand and include municipal, forestry, industrial and cabinet and more. Featuring the best performance of all pumps in its class, the WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump is an ultra-lightweight, high-performance tool that you shouldn’t be without while on-scene. Here’s why:

Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump

The Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump is powered by a reliable, four-stroke, 50 cc Honda GX50 engine with an integral fuel tank that is coupled to a bolt-on detachable, single-stage, foam-compatible pump by means of a centrifugal clutch. This unique clutch feature is designed to allow easy starting and water conservation, along with letting the engine idle without engaging the pump, which simplifies the manipulation of the hose while simultaneously conserving water.

The Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump easily meets the emission standards of the US EPA/CARB regulations, and its single-stage, detachable pump-end is specifically designed for easy maintenance. Its fuel-efficient, high-output Honda GX50 engine features a precision-camshaft design and is equipped with an air-cooled, four-stroke OHV with a net-power output of 2.1 HP (1.6 kW) at 7,000 rpm and a torque of 2.0 lb-ft (2.7 Nm) at 4,500 rpm. The engine’s dry weight is 12.1 pounds, and its fuel-tank capacity is robust: 0.81 U.S. qt (.77 liter).

You’ll be assured of smooth performance due to the engine’s ball bearing-supported crankshaft that ensures greater stability and precision-engineered components that result in lower vibration. With a large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system, the Honda GX50 engine is exceptionally quiet, featuring reduced mechanical noise due to lightweight, ambient-sound-reducing materials.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Super Vac V3: High Powered and Reliable

Specifically catering to fire departments throughout the U.S., Super Vac, heralded as a world leader in the manufacturing of emergency ventilation products, makes electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air-powered units for a wide array of uses. When you need to cut through layered, residential roofing, downed trees, and building materials, rely on the proven abilities of the Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw.

Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw

Specially engineered for venting and rescue operations, the Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw features a powerful, dependable Dolmar 6.3 HP engine with a robust 13,500 RPM that powers its .404 carbide-tooth chain. Its extremely efficient, easy-start system includes a momentary-contact switch that leaves the saw in the “on” position, a compression release that reduces cylinder pressure by 50%, and a choke knob that simultaneously sets the throttle and choke.

Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw

The Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw’s durable, aluminum, pull handle is fit-for-purpose, as it is designed to specifically accommodate thick rescue gloves. Its specialized Airmaster Filtration System is comprised of three chambers designed to stop large particles before they reach the secondary filter. Make fast, on-the-go adjustments with the Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw’s lateral-chain tensioning, and its full-wrap handle makes front-facing and overhead operations easier. Some additional specs include:

  • displacement: 79 cc
  • fuel-tank capacity: 30 ounces
  • oil-tank capacity: 13.5 ounces
  • weight: 20.8 pounds
  • choose between a 16-inch or a 20-inch bar
  • depth gauge: available in a full safety guard with quick adjustment and/or removal

Super Vac Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Globe Turnout Gear: Protection, Flexibility, Improved Performance

As a firefighter, you know how vitally important it is for you to be prepared to perform at top levels on each and every call. By listening to their customers, creating breakthrough designs, and infusing top engineering techniques, Globe has consistently delivered the most advanced, best-fitting, and longest-lasting protection options available. These factors help make them the trusted, turnout-gear manufacturer they are, and their CLASSIX® coat and pants vehemently solidify their industry-respected standing. Regarded as Globe’s most affordable turnout gear, each delivers unmatched, NFPA 1971-certified quality at value prices.

Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Coat

The Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Coat’s innovative, drop-shoulder design moves the seam past the shoulder for improved reach and reduced ride-up from the coat. Its double-stitched seams consist of eight to 10 stitches per inch, which drastically elongates its service life. It is as efficient as it is durable: The Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Coat’s collar is short, giving firefighters a better interface with their helmets.

Easy access between layers is achieved due to a liner-access opening, while double-sleeve wells equipped with Nomex® wristers prevent water from penetrating and can interface with all glove styles. Stay connected with the Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Coat’s left-chest radio pocket, and enjoy ample storage with its Kevlar-fabric-reinforced, dual-action cargo pockets.

Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Pants

The roomy, low-rise Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Pants have double-stitched seams that consist of eight to 10 stitches per inch, resulting in an extended-service life. Capable of accommodating a number of different body types, its independent-stretch waistband allows for an unrestricted fit coupled with no-gap protection with liner.

Enjoy augmented mobility with the Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Pants’ thermally enhanced flex-liner knees that give maximum levels of protection to this high-compression area. Tired of digging in or pulling out metal hardware? Its padded, H-back ripcord suspenders can easily be attached to horizontal loops. 

Equipped with patented cording, the Globe TheFireStore Spec CLASSIX® Pants’ Trimtrax® Thread Protection allows it to endure much longer than conventional stitching. Additionally, it is extremely durable because of its diamond-crotch gusset, which can evenly distribute stress in both the shell and liner.

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