Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quality Is Key with Dex-Pro Gloves

It goes without saying that having proper hand protection during firefighting is of paramount importance. Burns and other injuries to the hand represent a large portion of all fireground-related injuries. A good pair of comfortable gloves must fit correctly to provide the proper levels of insulation, as trapped air inside the glove acts as a good insulator and conforms to the hand, which facilitates proper hand function.

Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves

As a leading manufacturer of head-to-toe protection for first responders, Fire-Dex incorporates over thirty years of top-quality, industry-leading innovations into all of their products, including the all-important fire gloves that firefighters need to rely on for every call. Their Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves incorporate an intuitive, three-dimensional construction that combines pioneering design features with fit-for-purpose materials to form a glove that delivers maximum dexterity, extreme durability, and superior protection.

Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves

The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves are constructed with only the finest materials: The backs of the gloves are 3.0-ounce, top-grain cowhide that has been tanned with a proprietary blend of silicone and other additives. These materials ensure that the gloves stay soft after repeated wet/dry cycles. You can be assured of a firm, secure grip in wet or dry conditions thanks to 3.0-ounce, reverse-grain cowhide on the palms. This reliable, cowhide-based material makes for the perfect outer-shell material because of its balance of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort.

The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves’ fourchettes, or the sides of the fingers, are comprised of highly flexible, water-resistant, 2.0-ounce goatskin. Be assured that your hands will be fully fortified with extra protection: The gloves’ outer reinforcements have knuckle and palm guards; each is constructed of 3.0-ounce cowhide and cover the entire width of the hand. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the gloves bunching up and restricting your hands thanks to a thin, lightweight, breathable Vapor Flex™ Moisture Barrier.

By consistently striving to go the extra mile to ensure their dedicated firefighting clientele has only the highest-quality gloves possible, Fire-Dex infuses cutting-edge technology into the Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves:

  • Dex-Flex™ Finger Design: The gloves’ pre-bent, three-dimensional Dex-Flex™ Finger Design more closely mimics the actual orientation of the hand and fingers while at rest.

  • Liner-Loc™ Technology: This unique feature ensures against liner pull-out with nine separate attachment points.

  • Keystone Thumb: Offering the most ergonomically sound thumb pattern available, the gloves’ Keystone Thumb is sewn separately into the palm of the glove, which allows for a full, 360-degree range of motion and maximum flexibility.

  • Rollover Finger Design: This eliminates bulky seams at the tips of the fingers.

  • Viper Flex™ Moisture Barrier: This serves a dual purpose: reduces restriction in the glove and diminishes hand fatigue.

  • Tex-80 Kevlar® Thread: The gloves offer superior tensile strength and resistance to abrasion thanks to this durable thread.

  • Nomex® Knit Wrist: The Dex-Pro 3D Leather Gloves can be ordered with a Nomex® Knit Wrist, which is reinforced with a leather pull-strap.

Don’t put the safety of your hands at risk. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit


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