Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Flip Tip 1.5 NHF Has Smoothbore and Nozzle Capabilities

Saving lives, protecting property, and designing and manufacturing innovative, agent-delivery solutions has allowed Task Force Tips to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, all while meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations. As a well-respected leader in the fire industry, Task Force Tips has helped to efficiently address an issue that has caused difficulty for firefighters since the invention of the fire pump: obtaining the correct nozzle pressures. Thanks to their nozzles and the Task Force Tips FlipTip 1.5 NHF, which features a single nozzle that offers both a hard-hitting smoothbore and a high-performance combination nozzle, this problem is resolved by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hoseline.

Task Force Tips FlipTip 1.5 NHF

Equipped with a ball shutoff along with a G-Force nozzle, the Task Force Tips FlipTip 1.5 NHF features positive operator control, your choice of 100psi or low-pressure 75psi operation, and stainless spinning. Its lightweight stream straightener – integrated into its rear-coupling system – provides maximum stream performance. Optimal straight-stream performance and fog-pattern performance are achieved at a single-rated flow and a single-rated pressure. When debris poses significant safety concerns, in high-rise operations, for example, or to maximize compressed-air, foam-stream performance, the insert can be easily removed.

Choose among six different orifice sizes for the Task Force Tips FlipTip 1.5 NHF’s rear component and utilize water flows that start at 150gpm. Use its high-performance water or compressed-air foam streams to battle blazes thanks to its innovatively tapered tip inserts, which are held securely in place during rugged, initial-attack operations.
Need to quickly change from small tip to large tip during firefighting operations? Be sure to utilize a positive-twist lock mechanism to prevent any unintentional movement. Plus, the locking ring can be easily rotated with a wet or foamy, gloved hand. Additional specs include:

  • equipped with cut metal or bonded, rubber fog teeth
  • optional, color-coded pistol grip and valve handle are available

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