Friday, November 4, 2016

The Forestguard II Fire Hose Is Versatile, Tough, and Lightweight

Incorporating over a quarter century of manufacturing fire hoses, Mercedes Textiles has learned to diversify its product offerings, which have yielded municipal, forestry, snow-making, industrial, as well as a wide variety of other specialty-application hoses. Highly regarded as a tough, versatile, lightweight-forestry fire hose, the all-synthetic, ULC-approved Mercedes Textiles Forestguard II Fire Hose meets or exceeds all performance requirements of NFPA 1961.

Mercedes Textiles Forestguard II Fire Hose

Featuring a unique Mertex® lining, the Mercedes Textiles Forestguard II Fire Hose can be used in a number of different capacities: as a forestry lightweight, attack/supply hose; an urban interface, grass fire kits, and mop-up hose;  a wildland brush-fire truck attack hose; and a cottage and forestry, home-values protection hose.

The hose is extremely durable: It is available with Permatek HP treatment that protects against abrasion, moisture pick-up, and mildew, and it is resistant to the damaging effects of most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and U.V. exposure, hydrolysis, and rot. Measuring 1” x 100’ with 1” NH couplings, the Mercedes Textiles Forestguard II Fire Hose features a high-tenacity, filament-polyester yarn in both the warp and weft directions, thereby providing a maximum strength-to-weight ratio.

Right now, get yours for the one-time only, exclusive price of $107.99 while supplies last. For more information, be sure to visit


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