Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Illuminating And Efficient: The Pink Right-Angle LED Flashlight

Known as the global leader in innovative safety products that effectively neutralize darkness, Koehler-Bright Star’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety of first responders is as strong now as it was when the company was founded over a century ago. Their trusted lighting products have expanded functionality, allowing them to continually provide reliable power sources for emerging technologies. Rated best in its class, the 220-lumen, U.S.-made Bright Star Exclusive Pink Right-Angle LED Flashlight closely adheres to the company’s commitment to safety while offering many value-added amenities in addition to being conveniently cost-effective. Here’s why:

Bright Star Exclusive Pink Right-Angle LED Flashlight

The alkaline Bright Star Exclusive Pink Right-Angle LED Flashlight is equipped with the most cutting-edge optic technology that is designed to maximize light output. Its powerful, wide-eye lens creates a custom-beam pattern capable of slicing through smoke and dust with 60,000 CD. Don’t worry about accidentally dropping it onto hard surfaces; this extremely durable flashlight is constructed from sturdy nylon, making it impact-resistant up to one meter.

Thanks to its slim, lightweight profile, the Bright Star Exclusive Pink Right-Angle LED Flashlight can be easily attached to turnout gear with the use of a stainless steel clip (included), which eliminates the possibility of entanglement that could hinder an operation or compromise safety. Weighing a slight 16 ounces, the flashlight is fully rechargeable with the addition of a lithium ion battery pack, charging base, and cord, and it can easily be switched between the alkaline and rechargeable modes.

The flashlight’s unique, pink color scheme pays tribute to the enduring hope and bravery exemplified by those affected by breast cancer during this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, Koehler-Bright Star have committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the flashlight sales to the American Cancer Society. Some additional specs include the following:

  • waterproof to one meter
  • measures seven inches by three inches by two-and-a-half inches
  • interchangeable power supply
  • fueled by six AA alkaline batteries (not included) – to adhere to safety precautions, only Duracell MN 1500 or Energizer E91 batteries can be used

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