Thursday, June 1, 2017

Take on Class D Fires with the Model B570

With a ubiquitous reputation for excellence in the fire-protection industry that spans close to 50 years, Amerex Corporation has exponentially grown to become an innovative, dominant manufacturer of hand-portable and wheeled extinguishers for both commercial and industrial applications. Therefore, it’s no secret that Amerex Corporation has been involved in numerous, sweeping advances in the fire-protection industry, infusing ample amounts of unsurpassed quality service and innovation into all of its product-based contributions.

As a fire-service professional, you know the imminent dangers combustible-metal fires present: Characterized by the presence of burning or combustible metals, such as sodium, potassium, uranium, and lithium, among others, once a combustible-metal fire – also known as a Class D fire – can be spread extremely easily and quickly, thereby creating incredibly volatile and dangerous conditions.

The most commonly encountered kinds of Class D fires occur in environments where metal “fires” are found. The best way to combat a Class D fire is by smothering its oxygen supply and absorbing the intense heat found within it, which will allow it to be extinguished. An effective, dry-powder fire extinguisher, like the new Amerex Class D Dry-Powder Extinguisher with Wall Bracket, is a perfect tool for effectively dealing with such fires. Here’s why:

Amerex Class D Dry-Powder Extinguisher with Wall Bracket

This unique extinguisher, also referred to as the Model B570, can control and extinguish zirconium, uranium, titanium, and powdered-aluminum fires thanks to a specially blended, Sodium-Chloride-based, dry-powder extinguishing agent. The heat from the blaze causes the agent to cake and form a crust-like substance, which is devoid of oxygen, thereby dissipating the heat from the burning metal.

Thanks to the Amerex Class D Dry-Powder Extinguisher with Wall Bracket’s “soft flow” extension applicator, your hands will be kept safely away from damaging heat, all while preventing the inhalation of toxic fumes. It offers an easily controlled, even discharge of the agent. Quickly detach the applicator for when a straight stream of the agent is needed for increased range, a narrow discharge pattern, or for when a lobbing effect is needed. Additional specs include:

  • features a stored-pressure design
  • built with dependable, drawn-steel cylinders
  • coated with special, corrosion-resistant yellow paint
  • all-metal valve construction
  • equipped with a large-loop, stainless steel pull pin

Even the odds when battling Class D fires; get the Amerex Class D Dry-Powder Extinguisher with Wall Bracket and other great Amerex products at 


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