Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gear up with the Ergodyne Strap

Most first responders would agree: At the end of the day, helping others and saving the day without incurring any injuries are desirable outcomes. This uncomplicated yet extremely critical mindset is fully embraced by Ergodyne, a company that for 30-plus years has pioneered the development of top-flight, battle-tested, precision-crafted gear that provides protection, improves productivity, and manages the elements for first responders the world over.

When working on-scene, it’s no secret that you’ll be faced with a host of unpredictable dangers, so you’ll need the tools of your trade handy for use at a moment’s notice. Durable and convenient, the new Ergodyne Replacement Shoulder Strap easily attaches to your gear- or tool-storage bag for reliable, comfortable carrying that promotes ergonomically friendly carrying positions and handling designed to circumvent sustaining any shoulder or lower-back-related injuries. Here’s how:

Ergodyne Replacement Shoulder Strap

Overtly versatile, the Ergodyne Replacement Shoulder Strap is fully compatible with most over-the-shoulder gear bags along with a wide variety of tool-storage bags. This strapping accessory has the durability and toughness to take whatever comes its way on-scene, all thanks to its heavy-duty webbing and reinforced stitching.

There’s no need to fret over any potentially uncomfortable digging into your shoulder on the part of the Ergodyne Replacement Shoulder Strap: Its bio-curved padding enhances comfort, while also negating the need to constantly shift the strap to find a comfortable resting place. Measuring an ample 54 inches long by an inch and a half wide, you can be assured that the Ergodyne Replacement Shoulder Strap can efficiently accommodate all your job-specific bags.

For more information on this tested and trusted strap and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com

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