Wednesday, May 3, 2017

When Every Second Counts, Rely on Zico Brackets

The facts are indisputable: If you’re responding to a potentially life-threatening call, you can’t afford to waste any time, especially when accessing your life-saving equipment. Ziamatic Corp., highly touted as an innovative force within the emergency-response market, fully understands and appreciates the need for first responders to have efficient products, which is why they created the new Strapless “E” Cylinder Bracket.

Ziamatic Strapless “E” Cylinder Bracket

Usually, life-sustaining “E” gas cylinders with mounted regulators are secured by Velcro or rubber straps when transported to the scene. Unfastening these straps in order to utilize the cylinders can be time-consuming, which could mean the difference between life and death. This is where the durable, stainless steel Ziamatic Strapless “E” Cylinder Bracket’s efficiency is fully realized: Because it is strapless, gaining quick access to the cylinders is effortless, thereby ensuring you aren’t wasting precious time.

Remarkably versatile, the Ziamatic Strapless “E” Cylinder Bracket features a fast, simple, self-locking bracket specifically designed to securely hold standard and steel “E” gas cylinders with mounted, all-in-one-style regulators. You won’t need to worry about the cylinder rattling while in-transit, as its backspring ensures a snug, secure fit. Mount it by itself or side-by-side with many additional brackets for safe, secure storage and to allow immediate access to them whenever needed. Also, the Ziamatic Strapless “E” Cylinder Bracket is extremely easy to clean and disinfect because its lack of fabric and a strap, which effectively avoids any bloodborne-pathogen contamination.

Be sure to make every second count. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit


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