Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FCX Escape Kit: Safe, Controlled Descent

When you’re working on-scene, anything can happen, so it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re going to need an edge – after all, even the most seasoned of firefighters feels the heat every so often. What you’re going to need is a quality escape kit or system that’s properly designed to maximize efficiency when used, which, in turn, gives you the much-needed peace of mind required to get your work done correctly and safely.

With an impressive track record of creating quality components for escape kits and systems that spans over 20 years, Sterling Rope is no stranger to designing and building only the best life-safety rope and equipment for the fire service. The new Sterling Rope FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit is equipped with all the right pieces, which are thoughtfully integrated for optimal functionality, to ensure flawless performance when you need it most.

FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit

It’s no secret that a safe, controlled descent is a vital component to any escape system. The FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit has a number of useful components to facilitate such a descent, in addition to its auto-locking capabilities, ease-of-use with either hand, and excellent modulation characteristics. Take a look below at some of the excellent features the kit has:

As Sterling Rope’s most advanced descent-control device, the FCX is equipped with an innovative cam feature that offers smooth modulation, therefore allowing the user to easily control descent speed with only one hand, while side rails prevent glove and sill interference.

The FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s lightweight aluminum carabiner has a removable, captive-eye pin that allows a rope with a sewn eye to be attached to it at any time. The pin serves two critically important functions: preventing unauthorized disassembly and keeping the carabiner properly oriented, therefore preventing cross-loading.

When heat becomes intense, the FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s Tech Extension Lanyard, which is constructed out of a hollow-braid Technora® cord, can be trusted to remain strong and durable. Its extension tether is located in between the carabiner and the descent device, which allows the system to be stowed, therefore avoiding accidental deployment.

Featuring a high-heat-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant Nylon/Technora® Core/Sheath, the FCX TE SafeTech, LGT, Pkt Escape Kit’s SafeTech 8.0 mm Fire Escape Rope’s core offers strength, gear compatibility, and better elongation to reduce anchor loads. To get details on its aluminum Lightning GT Hook, take a look at one of our previous blogs here.

Always be prepared for the unknown. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.


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