Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Be Seen On-Scene With the Akron Revel

Picture this: You respond to the scene of a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) on a dark, fog-covered highway during the early morning hours. These conditions are significant factors in causing the chain-reaction MCI collision that involves nearly two-dozen vehicles, including cars and tractor-trailers. After assuming command and establishing a command post, you assign a triage group leader and personnel from multiple agencies to begin to triage, assess, and treat patients. After nearly an hour, your transportation group reports that multiple patients, each with varying degrees of injuries, have been successfully distributed to trauma centers and local hospitals. So everything’s under control right? Think again.

Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light

Suddenly, several other priority patients are discovered and are in need of immediate attention. The game just changed, right before your eyes. How could you have not seen this coming? The operative word here is “see,” and if you had adequate lighting from the start, those additional patients could have been properly and immediately dealt with well ahead of time. After all, you certainly can’t treat what you can’t see. This is why Akron Brass, a global manufacturer of firefighting equipment and emergency-response products, has produced the new Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light, which is equipped with the capability to turn the darkest of conditions into bright daylight. Here’s how:

Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light

More than just a high-powered scene light, the Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light combines a spot and flood pattern to form a solitary, concentrated beam of 14,000 lumens – more than enough power to adequately light your entire scene. Its unique, patent-pending infusion of a sport and flood pattern vastly augments visibility and is ideal for lighting exterior spaces, including vehicles, structures, parking lots, and overhead hazards. Use it for any number of applications, such as structural firefighting, EMS rescue, urban search and rescue, and vehicle extractions.

Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light
Constructed of a lightweight, cast-aluminum housing, the Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light’s virtually limitless mounting options only add to its uncompromising versatility, as it can be quickly and efficiently installed in any location on your truck. It’s simple and straightforward to use: Utilize its unique, push-button swivel to adjust and redirect the beam, even while wearing gloves. Additional specs include:

  • 16 LEDs dedicated to lighting objects at a distance
  • six high-powered LEDs to distribute light across the entire scene
  • equipped with a hard-coated polycarbonate lens
  • screws enable easy surface mounting
  • its low-ultraviolet light attracts less insects during nighttime operation
  • available in a white color, optional black available
  • backed by a six-year warranty

Akron Revel DC 14K LED Scene Light
Remember: Illumination is crucial to saving lives while on-scene. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit


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