Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sterling Anchor Hook: Get out “Lightning” Fast

Sterling Rope has been designing and building the best life-safety rope and equipment for the fire service for over 20 years, right here in the U.S., so they have both the industry experience and technical know-how to ensure your safety on-scene. When things get dicey and escape becomes paramount, you’re going to need a reliable tool that you can trust your personal safety with: The new Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook represents the next generation of escape anchors, proving itself to be the most trustworthy escape connection available. Here’s why:

Designed with input from top trainers and front-line firefighters, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook (“GT” stands for “Gated Technology”) has undergone extensive testing, both in the lab and in the field. Precision-machined from 7,000-Series Aluminum, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook is engineered with a spring-loaded gate, which results in the ultimate in fast, secure anchor connections.

Its hook is UL-Classified to NFPA 1983 as an escape anchor, and it is capable of holding loads up to 3,000 pounds at the tip. When utilized as a system in conjunction with one of its descendents – be it either the F4 or the newer FCX – and any Sterling Fire Escape Rope, the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook offers the most lightweight, versatile, and certified escape system available.

If a substantial object is available for anchoring, the escape rope can be passed through the Sterling Rope Lightning GT Anchor Hook’s slot, and then around the tip to create a secure connection. Once the anchor connection is secured, you can make your exit. If a remote anchor is not immediately available, its unique design helps to remove the guesswork from the critical step of creating a failsafe anchor, thanks to its hitching slot or innovative wire gate, whichever is most useful. Some additional specs include the following:

  • MBS rating: 3,035 pounds
  • MSB rating: 13.5 Kilonewtons
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces

Don’t be left hanging; be sure to check out TheFireStore.com for more information and to get yours.

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