Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pro-Tech 8: The Dexterity, Grip, and Comfort You Need

Interested in maximizing your “gloves-on” capacity when undertaking any number of fireground-related tasks? By constantly raising the bar and striving to augment the standards of personal protective equipment, Pro-Tech 8 prides itself on protecting the skilled hands of those who protect us. As a result, the company’s ingenuity has produced the ultimate achievements in hand safety for firefighters, thereby allowing them to perform at top levels: the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

Able to be broken in extremely quickly, the fire-retardant Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves have a breathable polymer liner that offers ample blood borne pathogen and liquid resistance, all while remaining soft and flexible after each and every use and wash. Constructed of highly bendable, durable, and water-repellent, goat-skin suede, the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves feature gathered stitching around the wrists, which provides a secure fit along with preventing debris from entering the gloves.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

There are a number of critically important reasons for you to have a firm, solid grip when working on-scene, either for using tools, holding a radio, or even helping to safely evacuate someone from a burning building. This is why the gloves’ outer-palms layers’ distinctive stitching prevents the gloves’ material from bunching up, thereby allowing the wearer to enjoy the most efficient grip of any NFPA-compliant structural gloves available.

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

Enjoy enhanced dexterity thanks to the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves’ rings’ and middle fingers’ palm sides, which are cut and sewn independently. The gloves meet NFPA 1971-2013 Edition Certifications, and they feature superior, repetitive thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance at the vulnerable, knuckle-compression points.

For more information and to get yours, be sure to check out our eBay listing.


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