Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Put Safety in the Spotlight with the FoxFury Breakthrough

As you well know, the fire service is always striving to improve the safety of firefighters while on-scene: carefully thought-out standard operating procedures, improved PPE, and lightweight equipment are all some excellent examples, but there’s one tactic that vastly augments scene safety over all the rest: reliable, powerful illumination. Easily able to outperform most box lights and high-powered flashlights, the new FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+LED Right-Angle Light is the smoke-cutting, compact LED spotlight you’ll absolutely need to have with you when working on-scene in dimly lit conditions.

Able to handle a wide variety of tasks, ranging from illuminating street addresses to long-range inspections to locating persons or property, the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light is ideal for structural firefighting thanks to its powerfully focused LED with a deep reflector. Offering up to 700 lumens, its two-degree beam efficiently slices through both smoke and fog.

The FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light is specifically designed to withstand extreme heat, is impact-resistant up to 22.9 feet (seven meters), and is IPX7-waterproof-resistant down to 13.1 feet (four meters). Able to run on four AA batteries (not included), you won’t have to worry about dropping it, as its reinforced-grip handle allows you to firmly grasp it, even while wearing thick gloves. Activation is just as efficiently achieved, too.

Need your hands to be free but still have to have excellent illumination? The FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light’s stainless steel clip or D ring can be used to quickly and easily attach it to your gear. Also an excellent choice for long-range inspections or search-and-rescue operations, the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light has a rechargeable battery pack with an AA battery holder, docking station, and an AC adaptor (all included), which is designed for efficient charging. Should you need assistance with propping doors open when performing any of your fireground-related tasks, its (included) Breakthrough Wedge can easily handle that; when not in use, simply snap it onto the light for convenient carrying and access. Some additional specs include:

  • constructed of nylon 66 housing with a polycarbonate window and extra-thick walls
  • low mode: 100 lumens, five-hour runtime
  • high mode: 700 lumens, two-hour runtime
  • flashing: 700 lumens, eight-hour runtime
  • maximum-beam distance: 6,600 feet (2,012 meters)
  • head diameter: 2.7 inches (69 millimeters)
  • weight: 20.6 ounces (585 grams)
  • meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire-Resistant Requirements (500 degrees Fahrenheit / 260 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes)

Don’t take chances with your safety; be sure to have the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2+ LED Right-Angle Light on-hand to light the way. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.


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