Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ARC Ladder Light: A Beacon of Safety

When it comes to structural firefighting, firefighter-safety equipment, and industrial-safety training, Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) has over 225 years of combined experience. By continuously striving to meet the needs of their fire-service customers, they are able to improve key resources and augment their capabilities to meet the needs of any challenge.

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Of the many hazards that fires present, lack of visibility due to smoke is one of the most dangerous. In broad-daylight conditions, it can be so thick that vision is severely obscured, while at night, firefighters can’t even see what they’re feeling with their hands. Consider the following scenario:

You’ve placed your ladder and have climbed onto the roof of a burning building. A hole punctures the roof, allowing thick, choking smoke to pour from the breach. The smoke cloud quickly envelops any sight of the ledge where the ladder was attached to. Luckily, after briefly searching, you safely reach the edge of the roof and locate the ladder. You had enough time during the encounter to make your escape, but what if you needed to get off the roof immediately?

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Enter the ARC Ladder Light, specifically designed to provide the necessary illumination so that firefighters can quickly, easily, and efficiently locate their ladders and descend safely. Built to withstand the harsh environments that firefighters endure, the durable ARC Ladder Light is housed in a strong, polycarbonate case with sealed switches that ensure its longevity.

Adaptive Rescue Concepts (ARC) Ladder Light

Along with a number of versatile mounting options that allow it to be attached to virtually any surface, the ARC Ladder Light can produce a maximum of 372 lumens to create a piercing beam of light capable of being seen from great distances, thereby alerting incoming ground and/or air units of your exact position. Some additional specs include:

  • operating temperature range: -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • water-resistance rating: IP66
  • switches: silicone boot
  • LED color: green, low-battery warning indicator: red (LED)
  • hardware: stainless and zinc
  • eleven programmable flash/constant ON modes are pre-programmed

For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.

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