Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Better Tools Tool-Hose Bag: Lightweight and Durable

Driven by a credo to bring better, safer, more efficient, and innovative products to fellow firefighters around the world, Better Tools, LLC – founded by veteran Los Angeles Fire Dept. engineer Dennis Garrison and assisted by his co-worker and trusted friend, Dan Will – aims to assist fire departments and other municipal agencies in doing their jobs easier and better, while, most importantly, reducing injuries. Lightweight and durable, the new EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag is specially designed to accommodate the job at hand. Here’s why:

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

In addition to complimenting the Spanner line – the only multi-function ratcheting, fire hydrant, fire hose, and fittings wrenches available on the market today – the waterproof, rip-stop-material-constructed Better Tools EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag can also easily accommodate a large variety of the hydrant tools that are most commonly used when on-scene. Utilize its three Velcro snaps to securely attach it directly to your supply hose. Once loaded, it will conveniently expand with your hose.

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

You can be assured of both protection of and easy access to all your important tools when using the Better Tools EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag: Its two-sided Velcro closure firmly secures them, thereby completely enclosing and shielding them from harsh elements and weather conditions, all while allowing quick, efficient access thanks to one pull of the opening strap. Additional specs include the following:

length: 22 inches
width: eight inches
weight: two pounds
Please note that EZ Spanner wrenches are sold separately.

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

 EZ Spanner Tool-Hose Bag

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