Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The WICK 100-4H™ Is an Ultra-Lightweight and High-Performing Fire Pump

More than just a fire hose and pump manufacturer, Mercedes Textiles offers over 35 years of experience in manufacturing firefighting-based innovations, thereby ensuring that firefighters have the best tools at their disposal when fighting fires. Their premiere, fluid-delivering systems are in world-wide demand and include municipal, forestry, industrial and cabinet and more. Featuring the best performance of all pumps in its class, the WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump is an ultra-lightweight, high-performance tool that you shouldn’t be without while on-scene. Here’s why:

Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump

The Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump is powered by a reliable, four-stroke, 50 cc Honda GX50 engine with an integral fuel tank that is coupled to a bolt-on detachable, single-stage, foam-compatible pump by means of a centrifugal clutch. This unique clutch feature is designed to allow easy starting and water conservation, along with letting the engine idle without engaging the pump, which simplifies the manipulation of the hose while simultaneously conserving water.

The Mercedes Textiles WICK 100-4H™ Fire Pump easily meets the emission standards of the US EPA/CARB regulations, and its single-stage, detachable pump-end is specifically designed for easy maintenance. Its fuel-efficient, high-output Honda GX50 engine features a precision-camshaft design and is equipped with an air-cooled, four-stroke OHV with a net-power output of 2.1 HP (1.6 kW) at 7,000 rpm and a torque of 2.0 lb-ft (2.7 Nm) at 4,500 rpm. The engine’s dry weight is 12.1 pounds, and its fuel-tank capacity is robust: 0.81 U.S. qt (.77 liter).

You’ll be assured of smooth performance due to the engine’s ball bearing-supported crankshaft that ensures greater stability and precision-engineered components that result in lower vibration. With a large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system, the Honda GX50 engine is exceptionally quiet, featuring reduced mechanical noise due to lightweight, ambient-sound-reducing materials.

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