Monday, August 18, 2014

NEW: TopSaw -Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

Rescue Chainsaws are part of the job of a firefighter--whether it be to gain fast entry into a building, or on the wildland scene. What you may not think too much about, but should, is the maintenance of said rescue saws. Keeping a chainsaw maintenanced well is going to improve the life of your saw, and improve it's work on the scene where quick rescuing needs to occur.

The Brand NEW TopSaw Chainsaw Maintenance Tool is one that every fire department, or chainsaw owner should own, no questions asked. It's a no brainer, because at only $24.99 you get a tool that has 12 different tools combined into one, all contributing to keeping your chainsaw in-tact and at it's peak.

The following tools are included in this multi-tool.
  • 19mm x 10mm socket (reversible)
  • 21mm x 16mm socket (reversible)
  • 13mm socket
  • T27 torx
  • T25 torx
  • 4mm hex ball drive
  • Large screw driver
  • Small screw driver
  • Bar groove clean out tool
  • File handle
This quick video shows you just how convenient this handy tool is.

Get your TopSaw tool ordered today!


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