Friday, August 15, 2014

$10 off the Streamlight Vantage!

Hurry! The ever popular, strong, yet mighty Streamlight Vantage is $10 off right now! Ever since the release of the Vantage these lights have been hugely popular and well loved by their users. These little, lightweight, compact and low profile helmet lights easily attach/detach to above or below the brim of your helmet!

They're so versatile that they'll fit on industrial helmets, hard hats, and either a traditional or modern style helmet. The best part is, no tools necessary! You simple tighten with a little clamp with your fingers, and that's it!

These strong little lights have a C4 LED that delivers 115 lumens at 167 meter beam distance. There's also a cool ultra-bright blue taillight LED feature. The swivel clamp allows lots of directional change while the insertable 5 degree angle adjuster helps to optimize beam location. This sucker can rotate 360 degrees on the clamp!

The body of this thing is made of an aircraft aluminum that can resist high temperature, and has impact resistant Boro Float glass as the lens. The little reflective strip on the housing helps to locate the light even if it's turned off.

The Vantage's features don't stop there. It's even waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and has a limited lifetime warranty. 

The light comes either a great red, a shamrock green, or black

Get your light for $10 off today--and don't forget to stock up on extra batteries!

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