Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NEW Nupla Tools For the Tough Jobs

There are some New Nupla Tools available right now---two specifically we think you'll want to know about. The Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer and the Ergo Power Square Point Shovel. Let's tell you about them.

 The Power Drive Hammers are engineered to perform better than rubber or plastic face hammers any day! They have no rebound upon impact which means there's no bounce-back and the full energy of the swing gets transferred to the object being struck!

The face of the hammer are abrasion and impact resistant. The Power Drive Hammer is designed to withstand severe striking applications and surface protective. Constructed with thousands of fiberglass strands and a unique resin to make them super strong, all-weather, chemical and insect-resistant. The great ergonomic handle has non-slip grips keep your hands firmly planted.

Available sizes: 
skuHandle LengthHead WeightHead Length
10-02013.75"2 lbs5"
10-03014.5"3 lbs5.5"

Ergo Power Square Point Shovel

You're gonna love this durable Ergo Power Square Point Shovel. It's got a molded-fiberglass handle that gives the user a firm grip, and the square point blade makes digging easy quick. The ergonomic grip of the shovel is a key part of this. It provides a high level of comfort and provides less strain and fatigue on the body. 

The blade measures 9 7/8" wide by 11 1/2" high and the shovel is 27" long with a D-Handle. 

Find out more details about the NEW Nupla Tools here and here. 

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