Monday, July 7, 2014

Smoke Machines for Training!

We've been focusing a bit on training here recently and that's because we know the importance of having highly trained responders, and we support that by selling all the best training products instructors can get their hands on.

The use of smoke machines for firefighter training is no different! It's a great way to simulate emergency situations without the use of real, harmful smoke.

It's such a useful training tool because it can enable instructors to create heavy smoke conditions during training  routines and exercises when using actual fire isn't actually possible nor practical.

We sell a few great machines. So take your pick and make sure to get your hands on a great smoke simulator for truly effective training practices.

Read about the options below:

The Battle Fogger provides continuous fog output. The machine features a large one-gallon integrated fluid tank that prevents leaks and drips, a built-in handle, a special hammer-tone finish that resists scratches and wear and a built-in 4" hose adapter.

With a built-in smoke fluid holder and standard remote included, the Shadow is ideal for the budget conscious consumer yet delivers performance like no other machine in its price range. Choose this machine for practical performance and cost efficiency.

Tempest has put two Shadow 1 smoke machines together to provide you with double the output, and double the training options. Connect the units together and plug them into the power source, and you are ready to go. Both units will operate off of one remote. With the 50รข€™ daisy chain you can easily put the machines at opposite ends of a room, or in separate rooms. With double the power, your training areas will fill up faster, denser and more thoroughly than with just one machine

Ultratec’s latest addition to its award winning fog machine lineup is its most portable and smallest yet. But do not let its small footprint fool you, the Ultra Handy Fogger makes no compromises, producing Ultratec’s signature fogger and smoke effects so widely used in training firefighters. With the detachable cord, it goes anywhere needed to simulate smoke in a training environment. The easy grip handle allows for you to easily carry and operate the hand pump. Slow short bursts for misting effect or hard fast bursts for continual heavy smoke effect. The Ultra Handy Fogger takes about 9 minutes to reach full operating temperature and will make fog for up to 45 min after being unplugged. Weighs approx 25lbs and its dimensions are 12”X5”X9”. Expect less overall output then the Battle Fogger Smoke machine, but enjoy the cordless portability and ability to quickly smoke up small areas for practical training.


There is no doubt that each Fire Department needs to own a smoke machine, and stat. Now, it's just time to make up your mind which machine you'll add to your great training programs.

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