Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in your pocket?

Did you ever notice all the great Pocket Tools & Supplies you're carrying around in your gear pocket? Or, should I say, you should be carrying around in your pockets? We've got a great section on our website called What's In Your Pocket filled with all those little knick knacks that are small, but mighty. Making your job easier and safer, and more efficient, all within an arms reach!

Every firefighter has to decide just exactly what they'll be carrying around in their pockets. What makes their job easier, what caters to the tasks they're assigned to on the scene, and weigh the options, literally, so they aren't weighed down.

So here are a few of our great What's In Your Pocket products. That way if your pockets need a little boosting, you've got yourself some options.

Avon: Mini Rope Bag, Black

The CanMan Mini 5"L x 4"W x 6"H Cordura® Nylon rope pouch is equipped with grommet and speed clips for ease of closing on the go.

The Original Rescue 8 Design, Forged Aluminum with durable hard-coat anodized finish. Rescue 8 has "ears" to aid in locking off. Available in Charcoal only.

Made of high strength aluminum alloy. 

Has gas cock slot, window jimmy, belt loop, and hammer head. For pin or rocket lugs.

Channellock: The 87 Rescue Tool, Compact 4-Function Tool with Cable  Cutter

Virtually all the cable-cutting and rescue power of the larger 89. This lighter, shorter, more pocket-able Rescue Tool has all it takes to make the cut. Meet "The Baby Brother."
  • 2” shorter, 30% lighter than Channellock’s 89 Rescue Tool—to fit in a bunker pocket with ease
  • Uses the same narrow-profile cable cutter with hardened-edges to slice through battery cables & soft metals in a flash
  • Spanner wrench tightens and loosens hose couplings up to 5"
  • Pry bar with gas valve wrench opens windows and doors, shuts off gas
  • Designed specifically for firefighters, EMTs, and first responders of all kinds 
For more awesome tools, wallets, rope bags and other small products, check out our What's In Your Pocket category on our site.

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