Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day! Site-Wide Deal Alert!

Please note, our offices and showroom are closed today due to the holiday. We hope many of you are off and enjoying your family and friends and the independence of our country on this beautiful 4th of July Friday. We are happy to assist your ordering needs and questions when we return to the office on Monday, or you can always shop our online website that's always open.

While you're busy grilling up some hot dogs and enjoying your cold brews, take a look at some of these popular categories on our site, where you're sure to find some hidden gems.

Shop New Products Here

Where you'll find all the latest and greatest products most recently added to inventory. Products such as the new Majestic Hood Collection, the new BlackJack Helmet Mounts, or great Oakley eyewear.

Shop Hot Sales & Specials Here

In here you'll find newly discounted products that are currently marked down, giving you more bang for your buck. Products like Wildland Gear from Coaxsher and the EMI Nite Writer Pen.

Shop Clearance Here

Here's where you'll find those special blowout, inventory clearance-type deals. You'll find a ton of Lion Station Gear here for cheap, a bunch of Thorogood 6" Quick-Release Boots, and even some great Meret Bags.

Happy 4th of July!

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Polina Export is an also with you at this independence day i hope this moment is very full of happiness for us.