Monday, October 1, 2012

On Scene Review: Honeywell Ranger 1000 Rubber Fire Boots

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This week we are reviewing the Honeywell Ranger 1000 (15”) rubber firefighting boots.  The boots were tested and are reviewed by Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg of the Haledon Fire Department in Haledon, New Jersey. His experience and comments on the boots are included here: 

When I was asked to review these boots I was hesitant. My first experience with rubber firefighting boots was not the best. As a probationary firefighter on a small volunteer fire department I was given a used pair of rubber boots. They were uncomfortable to walk in, gave me blisters and I twisted my ankle often. 

The Honeywell Ranger 1000 is not your grandfather's (or father’s) rubber boots. The tagline for these boots on TheFireStore website is “Finally a rubber boot that fits like a leather one.”  I feel that is a very accurate description. 

The first thing I noticed was the cushioned feel and how well it supported my ankles. The range of motion using this boot is very close to my Honeywell Pro Warrington leather boots that I have been using for 6 years.

I used the boots in a variety of situations, to drag hose through brush, climb ladders, walk on roofs and more. I was very happy with the comfort and support these boots gave me. I did not feel that there was any break-in period neede like my leather boots. The only negative I felt was that at size 11, which is my regular fire boot size, the boots were a little long. 

For any department or firefighter choosing rubber boots, I would definitely recommend this boot. The cost is on average only $30 more than most rubber firefighting boots, yet the performance is like the leather boots costing $150 more.

........... Firefighter/EMT Rick Genberg,
Haledon, New Jersey.

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