Friday, September 28, 2012

Did you know...?

Did you know that TheFireStore sells more than just stuff for Firefighters? I think often times the assumption is that we only sell to those in the industry, when really, we've got great things for the general public in regards to house and office safety, too!

On our website there's an entire section called House & Office Safety where you can find smoke alarms, carbon monoxide dectors and more. Every home and office needs working, up-to-code systems!

Fire extinguishers in all sizes and variations? We've got those, too! Whether you're a home owner, landlord, business owner, etc--a working fire extinguisher is a key to safety! Check out our selection, here.

How about a personal escape ladder? Do you live in a high rise building? Is your bedroom on 2nd or 3rd floor? What if you needed to get out from your window in the event of a fire? We've got you covered with a way to get out safely!

What about your basic First Aid Kit needs? We've got large kits, small kits, ones perfect for your car, for your office, for your home, or for your school. First Aid Kits and refillable supplies are available here.

Do you have your personal safety covered? Do you walk to your car alone, late at night? What about carrying a small, disguised pepper spray on your keychain? If you're a late night runner, or exerciser, this is a great thing to carry, too! Check out our assortment of mace.

Lots of everyday safety items are available on our website! From batteries to whistles to safety glasses....we've got everything but the truck.

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