Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Testimonial-MSA Altair, Saving Lives.

Recently we heard a really awesome testimonial in regards to our MSA Altair Gas Detectors, that we would love to share with you, today!

This story comes from one of our on-the-road salesmen, Ryan, who works closely with many of the local departments. 

Read along and enjoy this awesome testimonial of how a gas or muliti-gas detector can literally save your life:

(Story written from Ryan's perspective)

I would like to share a story with everyone of a potential life saving situation that happened last Sunday. 

A fireman who owns an orchard, and is a past Assistant Chief at a local Fire Co had been found unconscious by his two brothers inside one of the cold storage buildings. They called 911 who dispatched the EMS for an unknown medical emergency. Upon arrival the EMS crew found the patient unconscious in the building surrounded by several family members and a police officer. 

Immediately after entering, their MSA Altair CO meter alarmed, and the quick thinking paramedic evacuated the building and rapidly moved the patient outside. Once outside they asked for an FD response bringing in another fire company who uses MSA Altair 4X meters calibrated every other week on their MSA Galaxy system monitored the building, both meters they used read “XXX” which is over limit (over 1999 PPM CO). They vented the building until it was clear, and the patient was transported to a nearby Hospital for care. 

Once he was conscious and alert the patient said that he was only in the building for a few minutes before becoming dizzy and losing consciousness before he could get to the door. Obviously the CO concentrations were at a critical level, and if it wasn’t for the MSA Altair CO meter and a quick thinking Paramedic, this story may not have had a happy ending. There could have been several members of the family needing aid, or worse, and the same for the police officer and members of the EMS crew.

In speaking with both Chiefs of the Fire and EMS companies, they were both happy to share this story and have it passed on as a learning aid. 


What an awesome story of having gas meters on hand can save the life or lives of many. 

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