Monday, March 26, 2012

On Scene Review: Bullard Traklite Traditional Fire Helmet

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I recently tried out the Bullard Traklite USTM helmet with the 6" Leather Front. I immediately noticed the weight. It was significantly heavier than the Morning Pride Ben II which I am currently issued. The particular model I was provided with came with a 4" face shield that added a fair amount of weight to the front of the helmet, making it balance awkwardly on my head. After removing the face shield it balanced much better, but still weighed more than my Ben II. 

The helmet appeared to be a traditional design, however I found that it was noticeably larger and sat up high on my head.

It came with a very comfortable suspension system inside, well designed, allowing for a significant amount of personal adjustment. This is without a doubt my favorite feature on the Bullard, and does help ease my concerns regarding the helmet's weight. 

There are Traklite LED lights on the front, hidden underneath the shield. These surprisingly bright lights provide quick, hands-free lighting. The large, twist on/off switch under the rear brim was easy to manipulate with a gloved hand. 

The additional blue light (buddy light) in the battery casing under the rear brim is designed to allow fellow fire fighters to identify my location in low visibility areas. I’m not sure the light is bright enough to accomplish this in a smoke, or even light haze, but regardless, it does seem to be a useful feature.

The location of the lights allowed for a more balanced feel, and far less impact on the profile of the helmet than similar lights I have tried in the past. However the battery case seemed to be a major contributor to the weight issue.

The brass shield holder and the leather shield both were more than satisfactory. It appears that almost all styles of leather shields will fit into the holder.

Overall I would suggest this helmet to anyone looking for comfortable fit with a traditional style. The built-in light is a bonus feature, but the battery case on the rear of the brim does add a noticeable amount of weight. But then again, any outside light attached to a helmet adds weight. This is a good helmet.

Kyle Bullis
Stafford County Fire & Rescue
Engine 14-A

For more info on the helmet, click here.
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