Friday, March 23, 2012

Fire and Ice don't mix, but Fire "on" Ice does.

The following is a guest post by one of TheFireStore's great employees, Bob H., Public Relations Specialist. Take a look as he introduces you to Team TheFireStore and shares some of his hockey passion and how it relates to firefighting.

The brotherhood of firefighters is forged in the battles they face together and experiences they have in common. Regardless of the call; structural fire, motor vehicle accident with entrapment, or fast moving brush fire – when the call comes in these brothers come together and head to the scene to do what needs to be done.

Hockey teams are forged in much the same way. While the calls are different and no property or lives are in imminent danger, the response is very similar. Regardless of the opponent; the players come together and head out onto the ice to do what needs to be done.

The definition of winning is very different for each group but each is full of pride for a job well done. We are proud of each customer for giving their all to train, practice and answer the call. Today we are also proud of Team TheFireStore for the same things – they trained, practiced and have answered the call as they continue their winning ways into the playoffs.

Alone we can do very little but as a united team we can achieve tremendous victories.

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