Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Scene Reviews: FoxFire Illuminating Grip Wrap

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Today we are posting the second part of a 3-part series of field-testing the FoxFire Illuminating safety products. Last week we brought you the results of the active testing of the All-In-One-Coating Kit  done by the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire & Rescue Department. Today we bring you the findings of the Illuminating Grip Wrap product


The Foxfire Illuminating Grip Wrap was applied to a Halligan bar. The grip wrap was easily applied but was not self-adhesive, so we used an adhesive tape for securing the ends. One roll of Grip Wrap is required for each tool in order to provide an adequate gripping area.

The grip-wrap is available in several colors but we only used the one that we were provided with.
As did the paint-on kit, the grip wrap held the illuminating charge throughout the exercise.

After several days of testing and usage, the grip wrap held up better than the All-In-One paint which had chipped off in a few spots. The grip wrap worked well and gave a secure grip to the bar.

Next week we review the Illuminating Helmet Band .

Click here for more information on the Illuminating Grip Wrap along with an instructional video and to order one from TheFireStore for your department.

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