Monday, October 31, 2011

On Scene Review: FoxFire Illuminating Helmet Band

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Today we are posting the final part of a 3-part series of field-testing the FoxFire Illuminating safety products. First we brought you the results of the active testing of the All-In-One-Coating Kit done by the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire & Rescue Department. Last week we gave you the findings of the Illuminating Grip Wrap product.  Today we illustrate and test the Illuminating Helmet Band.
The helmet band is easily applied, just slip the elastic band over your helmet and it can be transferred and re-used on another one.

We used the Illuminating Helmet Band on all of our evolutions and it was very well received. The #1 reason for wanting the FoxFire illuminating helmet band was the ability to be seen during extremely low visibility. Everybody commented on being able to see the helmet band at great distances and it made it easy to stay in contact with crew members.

Helmet Band in Dimmed lighting:

Helmet Band in complete darkness:

The firefighters would like to see different color options much like the grip wrap options. They said it would make unit identifying easier. All of them expressed interest in purchasing the helmet band and they all wanted more information.
"I could see the helmet band in a bedroom at the end of a smoky hallway." ….. Lt. Thompson, Engine 9 B-Shift.

"This would be great if we could get colors coodinated for each company. It would allow us to identify unit personnel in a darkened environment." ….. Sgt. Cunningham, Rescue Engine 14 C-Shift.
For more information on the Illuminating Helmet Band along with an instructional video and to order one from TheFireStoreCLICK HERE.

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