Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Safety: We can help.

Halloween can be such a fun time for kids and adults alike, but it's one holiday that requires extra safety precautions to bring ease of mind and to keep everyone safe.

Here a few Safety Tips:

1. Think about your costume! Purchase or make costumes that are light and bright enough to be seen by motorists, or add reflective tape to them. Many of the costumes we sell are outfitted with reflective taping already since it's a necessity for Firefighting Turnout Gear to be highly visible.

2.  Have your child carry a flashlight with them to ensure they can see and be seen. We have a wide variety of flashlights , safety light sticks, or light batons to chose from, making yours and your child's safety top priority.

3. If wearing a mask or hat, make sure it fits securely and the eyes are large enough to allow full vision to ensure safety when crossing the street, avoiding obstacles, etc.

4. Choose to trick-or-treat at safe homes, those of which have outside lights on signaling that trick-or-treaters are happily welcomed.

5. People expecting trick-or-treaters should consider dropping a long-lasting, safety light stick into their jack-o-lanterns instead of a candle to avoid a potentially dangerous or harmful situation.

6. Warn children not to eat any treats until all of it has been inspected by an adult (and of course, sneak a few safe pieces for yourself!).

7. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult to be properly supervised. Adults should also carry flashlights or light sticks to remain easily identifiable to their children. Or perhaps you could consider a safety vest with reflective trim.


What safety tips do you have?

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