Thursday, August 3, 2017

The 10-in-1 Tomahawk: Ideal For Extrication

As it stands, motor-vehicle crashes have been and continue to be sources of severe injuries and deaths in the U.S. Moreover, vehicle-design changes, in conjunction with changes in emergency-spinal care guidelines, have only augmented the challenges that fire, EMS, and rescue teams face during vehicle extrications. The good news? An occupant that utilizes a properly functioning restraint system stands a much better chance of surviving a motor-vehicle crash as opposed to 10-plus years ago, but a successful extrication will still be mandatory. This is where the versatile, convenient Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s effectiveness is fully realized. Here’s why:

Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk

Designed to allow you to breach the exterior of a vehicle in order to safely reach and extricate trapped occupants, the head of the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk consists of a pry bar on one end and a hardened point on the other. Its pry bar has a number of important uses: making a purchase point in a door, hood, or trunk for hydraulic-tool insertion; prying off hatch and trunk-gas struts; and acting as a gas shut-off valve.

Or, should you need blunt force, utilize the flat surface of the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s pry bar to hammer in cribbing, wedges, or the striking surface to provide an effective driving point into objects. Use its hardened point to break glass, make purchase points in laminated glass, or punch into a tire to make strike-insertion points in the vehicle’s body. Truly regarded as a 10-in-1 tool, the Ajax Rescue Tools Extrication Tomahawk’s handle is equipped with a number of other critically important extrication tools, including a laminated-glass saw, a beveled-plastic cutter, a large trim puller/spanner wrench, a gasket puller, and more.

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