Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bullard Has You Covered

Safety starts at the top – at the firefighter’s head, that is. A firefighter’s helmet is specifically designed to offer ample protection against a number of job-related hazards, including heat, falling objects, and more, all while providing the most comfortably accommodating fit possible. With these protective issues firmly in mind, Bullard, a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment designed for first responders, is committed to infusing the highest levels of quality and innovation into each of their products. By fully embracing the importance of head protection, Bullard has developed structural helmets that incorporate feedback from firefighters, thereby ensuring top-quality levels of functionality and safety.

Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet

The Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet is relied upon for its built-in protection, offering firefighters a fire helmet with an integrated visor, simple, one-handed operation, and quick removal for cleaning. Proudly made in the U.S., the Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet can easily accommodate eyewear, has an increased area of protection, and meets all NFPA 1971/ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+ requirements.

Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet

When faced with dark and/or smoky conditions, the Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet with TrakLite Lighting System is designed to help you successfully navigate a large variety of diverse scenarios, such as nighttime search-and-rescue operations or locating a fuse box. Its lightweight TrakLite augments its overall functional performance by offering eight bright-white LEDs located behind protective, heat-resistant glass. This well-constructed combination results in a readily available source of light when you need it most, all without any bulky, cumbersome additions.

Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet with TrakLite Lighting System

When battling a blaze as a team, especially when visibility is poor, keeping track of your brothers and sisters can be challenging, but the Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet with TrakLite Lighting System’s bright-blue “buddy indicator” located on its rear allows every team member to be seen, even in dimly lit, smoky conditions.

Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet with TrakLite Lighting System

Because the Bullard ReTrak Structural Helmet with TrakLite Lighting System lacks any external clips, brackets, or wires, you can stay focused on the job at hand, effectively alleviating any worrying over the potential of snagging the helmet on any fireground-related obstacles or losing your footing due to weight imbalances caused by cumbersome, additional equipment. Its lighting system is fully operable with either of your gloved hands; simply switch on a single rotary switch to activate both the front LEDs and the rear buddy indicator light. Additional specs of this helmet include:

  • weight is evenly distributed between its front and rear, resulting in balanced lighting
  • completely waterproof
  • powered by four AAA batteries
  • its TrakLite is energy-efficient, with a runtime of six continuous hours at a minimum brightness level of 50%
  • the AAA alkaline batteries are easy and fast to replace when on-scene

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