Tuesday, June 13, 2017

AZTEK Kit: Strong, Versatile, Reliable

When you respond to the call, there’s no telling what kinds of obstacles you’ll be faced with. Possessing the ability to adapt to ever-changing scenarios will give you the much-needed flexibility to achieve your goals, all while keeping your personal safety in mind. One thing is for certain: You’re going to need a tool that mimics your strength and versatility when the need arises for mechanical-advantage rigging: the new Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G.

Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G

There are many incidents where using mechanical-advantage systems will make moving a patient or personnel more convenient and safe; it also eases the raising and lowering of equipment and personnel. Whether you need an adjustable, high directional for a belay line, pickoffs, or have to perform an aerial rescue, the multi-functional Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G is an ideal choice for safely and efficiently achieving any of the aforementioned tasks.

Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G

Use it for litter-scoop rigging and attendant tethering, or utilize the end of its 8-millimeter, edge-restraint rope as an effective, individual-edge restraint system through the use of its 8-millimeter steel screwlink and 6-millimeter travel restraint. Once your load is tensioned, the Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G’s 2 omni-block swivel pulleys help to ensure it remains fully oriented, which is especially crucial for safely transporting human cargo out of danger.

Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G

While only weighing a diminutive 3.8 pounds, the Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G features a maximum breaking strength of 6,295 pounds, thereby making it a stalwart companion. Additionally, it can be easily transported virtually anywhere and to anyone thanks to an accessible, pouch-style carry case. Also included in this innovative kit are:

  • 2 sewn-ratchet prusiks (6 inches long)
  • 3 Safe-D carabiners for connecting the edge restraint to the anchor
Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G

Sterling AZTEK Elite Kit, NFPA-G

Don’t be without this versatile, reliable tool when working on-scene. Be sure to visit TheFireStore.com for more information and to get yours.


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