Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Elevator Key Set: Must-Haves for Any Fire Department

Here’s the scenario: An engine company is responding to a call of a person trapped in an elevator at a three-story, assisted-living facility, and your ladder company has been dispatched to assist. Dispatch informs you that there are multiple residents trapped inside the elevator due to a local power outage. Additionally, elevator technicians are pre-occupied for at least two to three hours due to pending calls, thereby preventing them from assisting you. So what can you use to get into the elevator? Our Elevator Key Set is the best option. Here’s why:

Elevator Key Set

Specifically designed to be used to open the lockway mechanisms on the hoistway doors of stuck and/or malfunctioning elevators, the Elevator Key Set is versatile enough to handle a wide range of elevator doors that correspond to specific types of elevators. Manufactured to conform to the majority of elevator manufacturers’ access keys, the set is attached with split rings to a five-inch jailer’s ring for easy key removal, storage, and use. The keys are hard-anodized in gold-color plate to resist rust.

Having our Elevator Key Set on every fire truck that responds to commercial and residential buildings is a wise idea, seeing as how many modern-built, residential, and commercial structures are being installed with elevators. Don’t assume anything: Just because your fire company is not situated in an urban area or an area without a large commercial base, it doesn’t mean that the surrounding structures won’t be able to or won’t be equipped with elevators. In addition to assisted-living facilities and nursing homes, a large number of contemporary homes with occupants that have disabilities or special needs are specifically designed with elevators to help them move about more easily.

Individual Replacement Elevator Keys

Should any of the keys become damaged or broken, be sure to check out our Individual Replacement Elevator Keys. A total of 12 keys are included in the Elevator Key Set, each with its own unique traits and uses, including:

  • a volt-resistant key that can safely resist up to 5,000 volts of electricity (tested in a salt bath)
  • a swing-door key
  • a rib key (“T” style)
  • a vandal-proof access key
  • a half-moon key (both large and small) – this key is commonly used to open hoistway doors
  • a drop-key adjustable key
  • a side-exit key
  • a knife key (fluted)
  • a “Z” key
  • a shove knife
  • a Kerry key

Make sure you’re prepared to handle elevator-related rescues. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit


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The Elevator Key Set, along with individual replacement keys, is a critical asset for any fire department retro bowl responding to incidents involving trapped individuals in elevators. Its versatility, ease of use and storage, resistance to rust, and unique traits and uses make it an indispensable tool for elevator-related rescue operations, enhancing firefighter readiness and ensuring the safety of those in need.