Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Safely Transport With Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bags

Groves Incorporated pioneered the first commercially available open-air turnout storage system in the fire and safety industry in the early 1980s. Since then, fire-service professionals have extensively relied upon the company’s strong, durable, and high-quality products and allowing their Ready Rack® to ascend to the mantle of no. 1-selling fire department storage system in the U.S. Their unique business plan, comprised of a nationwide, fire-service distribution network, allows its clientele to financially support firefighters who often work second jobs as expert sales consultants, thereby allowing customers to learn from their wide-ranging, hands-on product knowledge. A new innovation, the Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bag, epitomizes the company’s dedication to ingenuity and effectiveness. Here’s why:

Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bag

Capable of safely storing and transporting SCBA cylinders, the Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bag’s inserts can easily accommodate two 45- or 60-minute-air-cylinders. Each insert was carefully constructed to keep the importance of safety and security as top priorities: The inserts are nine inches in diameter with reinforced, hard-plastic bottoms and rigid side walls that keep cylinders shielded and in upright positions.

The actual transporting of cylinders couldn’t be easier: the Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bag features two handles along with an over-the-shoulder strap that aids in secure, efficient carrying. Need to be seen in low-visibility conditions? No problem! The Ready Rack SCBA/Cylinder/Rescue Bag is equipped with a silver reflective stripe to allow just that. The bag is fully prepared to handle a variety of challenging situations, thanks to the complete rescue kit it is fully adept at holding. Additional specs include:

  • it can hold up to three mini rescue bags
  • it holds three 50-inch coils of air supply hose
  • just one of the bag’s nine-inch diameter inserts can both a controller and a regulator

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