Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pro-Tech 8 Gloves

Operating under a philosophy to save lives through innovative technology, coupled with a mission to improve personal protective equipment, Pro-Tech 8 prides itself on creating cutting-edge, global innovations that combine technology and performance. Through this desire for ingenuity, Pro-Tech 8’s design and manufacturing teams operate in tandem in order to choose the right materials, create exceptional designs, and construct products that allow firefighters to perform their daily job duties at the highest levels. Honoring a commitment to protect the hands of those who protect us, Pro-Tech 8 Gloves offer the ultimate achievement in hand safety to firefighters. Here are the details on three critically important models:

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural / Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves

Maximize your “gloves-on capacity” when performing a wide variety of fireground tasks by wearing the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural / Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves. The gloves’ mesh-knit polymer liners are fire-retardant, breathable, resistant to blood-borne pathogens and liquids, and reduce friction during donning and doffing. Constructed of highly flexible, durable, and water-repellant goat skin suede, these lightweight gloves break in extremely quickly and remain soft and flexible, even after multiple uses and washes. Additionally, the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural / Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves feature gathered stitching around the wrists, which provides a secure fit along with preventing debris from entering the glove.

Pro-Tech 8 TITAN Structural Firefighting Glove

Interested in augmented comfort, dexterity, and flexibility? Then look no further than the Pro-Tech 8 TITAN Structural Firefighting Glove. This rugged glove is ideal for any fire ground task. Its uniquely innovative design, comprised of a durable combination of Kevlar and Nomex, gives the wearer added protection against flames, heat, hazardous liquids, and more during structural firefighting operations. Thanks to its soft, pliable, tanned goat skin-suede outer layer, the gloves will not crack, peel, stiffen, or suffer the effects of water damage. The Pro-Tech 8 TITAN Structural Firefighting Glove’s reinforced-leather inner cuff and leather pull tab allow for quick, efficient donning and doffing, and it remains soft and flexible after numerous uses and washes.

Pro-Tech 8 TITAN-K Structural Firefighting Glove

Constructed from the strongest, most durable leather available, the Pro-Tech 8 TITAN-K Structural Firefighting Glove is an essential piece of equipment for structural firefighting. It features an NFPA 1971-certified Porelle FR 540 breathable barrier that offers excellent moisture and blood-borne pathogen resistance. Its palms are stitched down with Kevlar high-burst thread to ensure a strong, secure grip. Its sidewalls are constructed of Kevlar and Nomex, which increase its flexibility and dexterity, and the multi-layer, knuckle-guard system offers unrivaled thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance. The Pro-Tech 8 TITAN-K Structural Firefighting Glove is also available in a long-cuff model that is equipped with a debris blocker that extends the entire length of its body and offers superior protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.

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