Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Top Three Most Popular Suspenders at TheFireStore

Finally ready to get that new pair of suspenders? We’ve got a lot of options, but the three detailed below are your brothers’ and sisters’ favorite picks.

Please note: The sizing information included in this blog and on our website is approximate; please be sure to consider your body’s unique proportions prior to selecting the size you order.

Featuring heavy-duty elastic straps constructed of top grain and black leather, the eight-point Boston Leather Fireman’s Suspenders, 1 ½-inch suspenders are sewn and riveted at all stress points, one of which includes a non-rusting ring. They are strong enough to hold turnout pants because of two 1 ½-inch adjustable straps with roller buckles. The suspenders come in two sizes: regular, which is for individuals standing up to 6’1”, and x-large, which is geared toward individuals standing 6’2” and taller.

The strong, extremely comfortable Honeywell Morning Pride 8 Point Dyna-Fit Suspenders feature standard circle hardware on the front and back; however, they are without mid-back hardware, a unique feature that allows increased flexibility and a less-restricting fit. The suspenders are available in three sizes:

  •         short: designed for heights up to 5’9”
  •         regular: designed for heights between 5’10” and 6’1”
  •         long: designed for heights of 6’2” and taller

The suspenders are available in blue with red elastic straps, and its two-tone Scotchlite trim is available in lime or orange.

The non-stretch Lion EZH H-back Quick Adjust Suspenders offer a number of useful features, some of which include shoulder padding for added comfort and durable, metal loops that allow for easy attachment and adjustment. The EZH H-back Quick Adjust Suspenders must be used in conjunction with the Super Deluxe Pants in order to achieve proper fit and performance.

For individuals standing between 5’10” and 6’2”, the 42-inch regular size is easily adjustable and can comfortably fit these heights. For anyone standing over 6’2” or with a waist measuring over 40 inches, the 48-inch size is recommended. For heights measuring less than 5’10” or with a smaller pants size, the 36-inch size is a good choice.

Learn more about these options and other suspenders at TheFireStore.com.

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