Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Best Extrication Glove Options

Need a new pair of extrication gloves? Some of our best options are detailed below, so you’re sure to find gloves that meet your needs.

"These gloves actually allow for good dexterity. I could actually tie complex knots with these gloves on, making them great for training and passing of skills testing as well as improved safety during fire scenes since you can feel what you are doing." -Fly, UT

Featuring a newly designed, multi-layer construction, the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural / Wildland Firefighting and Extrication Gloves are amazingly lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. Far surpassing the strict protective and performance requirements mandated by the NFPA 1971 Standard – 2013 Edition, the gloves maximize your “gloves-on capability” for a variety of fire-ground tasks, including structural, wildland, and extrication, resulting in the ultimate enhancement to hand safety.

"As a volunteer firefighter/EMT, I have used these gloves mostly when dealing with vehicle accidents, but they have also been useful during some work and training exercises as well. They are lightweight and well-constructed, making manual dexterity and personal protection a plus!" -Berlin, VT

The Ringers Extrication Gloves are designed specifically for auto extrication, and first responders universally praise these dexterous, puncture-and abrasion-resistant gloves. Featuring anatomically designed palm pads and reflective Schoeller padded knuckles, the gloves’ elastic cuffs easily keep out debris, such as glass.

"Most comfortable extrication gloves I have worn to date. The protective ridges are a major plus." –TX

The HexArmor EXT Rescue 4013 Extrication Gloves are exactly what first responders need: adaptable, versatile, and agile gloves that can be trusted. Featuring high-grip TP-X reinforcement and advanced impact-protective technology, you can count on your hands being protected from sharp edges thanks to the level-5 cut-resistance technology on the palms. Additionally, the gloves’ Hi-Vis color schemes augment visual awareness.

Want to learn more? Check out all of our extrication gloves at TheFireStore.com.


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The article "Best Extrication Glove Options" reviews various gloves, emphasizing their safety and functionality. Fly from UT praises the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural / Wildland Firefighting gloves for their dexterity, Berlin from VT for their lightweight construction, and TX for the HexArmor EXT Rescue 4013 gloves for their comfort and protective ridges. motorcycle accidents yesterday