Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fire Critic Product Review: Channellock Model 86 Rescue Tool

Check out this product review from The Fire Critic, Rhett Fleitz
I was recently sent the Channellock Model 86 Rescue Tool by TheFireStore.com. This isn’t the first Channellock rescue tool I have owned, and I am currently still using my Channellock Model 87 Rescue Tool. There is a difference between the two, and it might be personal preference or application that makes you decide on one or the other…or both for use.
IMG_0530For me, the reason for carrying a set of Channellock rescue tools is two-fold. I always have some cutters on me in a time of need (whatever that might be (including a spanner wrench). The other main reason is we run a lot of car wrecks. One of my roles at wrecks is to assess the vehicles involved and disconnect the battery if need be. My cutters come in handy if I cannot reach the terminals to loosen them, I simply cut the wire to get the job done quickly.
Not only that, but the Channellock’s I have been using for years have held up great! I am certain this new set will be the same.
IMG_0534The Channellock 86’s is Linemen’s pliers with spanner handles and a spring & lock for keeping it closed while not in use.
Plus, if you were ever wondering what to do with that radio pocket (I wear a radio strap), the Channellock tool will fit nicely in the pocket for quick access (picture to the right). I have an old piece of hose sewn at the bottom lining my radio pocket to keep the tool from wearing a hole in it.
Pros: High quality, Made in the USA.
Cons: None
I would recommend this tool to others, and I will give it a 5 out of 5 stars.
The model 87 is on the left, the model 86 is on the right
The model 87 is on the left, the model 86 is on the right

model 86 demoSpecifications below:

  • Jaw design accommodates many shapes and provides maximum grip
  • Spring and lock feature allows easy one-hand operation in high-stress situations
  • Shuts off gas safety valves and pries open windows and doors
  • Spanner wrench tightens and loosens up to 5-inch hose couplings
  • XLT ™ technology requires considerably less force to cut than traditional high leverage designs
  • Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer and easily cut hard and soft wire
  • Overall length: 9.02 in / 229.48 mm
  • Jaw length: 1.78 in / 45.38 mm
  • Joint thickness: 0.45 in / 11.43 mm
  • Joint width: 1 in / 25.40 mm
  • Cutting edge: 0.72 in / 18.38 mm
  • Nose width: 0.25 in / 6.47 mm
  • Handle span: 3.76 in / 95.55 mm
  • Weight: 0.90 lbs / 412.27 g

For more information on the Channellock 86, visit TheFireStore.com! 

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