Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Globe FootGear: Supreme 14" Structural Fire Boot

"Great for fires and just walking around in your bunker pants and boots ... Feels like you're wearing a sneaker. " - Bubba

When you want to invest into boots that you know you'll love without trial and error, then it's safe to go with a boot that's loved by the masses. The Globe Footwear Supreme's are a 14" Structural Fire Boot that your feet can't wait to slide into, trust us. These will be the most comfortable boots you will ever wear.

Why? Because Globe prides itself on knowing physiology and wants it to match your will for comfort. These boots do just that.  Providing flexibility whether you're scaling ladders or ventilating a roof, protection is key! These boots won't make your feet ache, your ankle turn, and certainly won't slow you down. Oh no! These boots will help you perform at your peak.

The 3D Molted shin guard feature helps to protect you while climbing a ladder. The boots even include a removable Snug Fit Insert that can help adjust your comfort level! Whether you're pulling them up in a hurry using the heavy-duty Nomex webbing pull straps, or trekking over rough terrain on the puncture protective insoles, you can trust that the Supreme's will carry you through.

For all the nitty gritty details and stats on these highly reviewed boots, check out our website. Available in sizes 5 to 17, and in narrow to extra wide widths, there's certainly a boot for everyone.

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