Monday, May 4, 2015

Pacific: F10 Mark III Kevlar Fire Helmet

This is the new F10 Mark III Kevlar Fire Helmet by Pacific. If you're looking for a high quality helmet that excels in heat, chemical and impact resistance for your search and rescue missions and firefighting, the Mark III is it!

The F10 is NFPA certified and makes it a wonderful helmet that's ideal for search and rescue missions, collapse rescues,  vehicle extrication, firefighting, and helicopter rescues.

What's so great about the F10 is it's fiberglass reinforced composite shell weighs 20% less than a thermoplastic equivalent. However, it doesn't lose in any of the other benefits. In fact, it still provides superior force dampening, shock absorption and structural rigidity. 

The polyurethane impact liner gives you improved thermal protection, chemical resistance and surface electrical insulation. The double layer neck protector is flame retardant and effectively covers and protects your neck and ears when you need it. You can even be protected from UV rays as the helmet's hi-gloss paint resists them.

As you can see in the picture, the F10 is equipped with an internally retracting bubble visor that gives you excellent peripheral vision with zero distortion. It will stow neatly inside the helmet when you don't need it. When you raise the bubble visor, the helmet's One-Touch eye guard then deploys, which keeps your eyes free of damage or contamination caused by external hazards. 

Each helmet is equipped with a 3-point fire resistant chinstrap that features a quick release buckle that's easy to use even with a gloved hand. 

If you're looking for durable, reliable and comfort--you've come to the right place. The Pacific F10 Mark III will offer you all that and more. Shop online today to get started.

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