Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's talk Eye Protection: Bourkes, Faceshield or Goggles. What's your type?

Alright friends. Let's talk Eye Protection, today. At TheFireStore we try to carry all the products that you would need when it comes to protecting some of your best assets. You're either a bourkes/EZ-flips user, faceshield user, or goggles user.

Some of you may get to have your preference when it comes to the type of eye protection you use, while others have requirements from your station or department.

Let's dive in a little more to check out the different options we carry when it comes to eye protection, shall we?

First up, Bourkes/EZ-Flips. 

Morning Pride Ez-flips, when installed in a Ben 2 Plus helmet will make it compliant. They are a clear, flip down protective eye shield. Note that no other brand of helmet will be NFPA compliant with EZ-flips installed.

You can buy just the Bourke Eyeshield kit on our website for any helmet here. These are the traditional flip down Bourkes that fit on all traditional style fire helmets. The attachment hardware is included with easy directions. They're available in clear, smoke tinted, yellow and high heat (slightly tinted.

Now, let's talk about Goggles

When it comes to goggles you've definitely got a handful more of options. We'll show you two of the most popular options.

Sellstrom: Odyssey II Wildland Fire Goggle

Soft, ultra comfortable non-vented goggle body & closed-cell foam rim — seals out liquids, dust, debris, and even smoke.

ESS: Innerzone 2 NFPA Goggle System With Mounting Brackets

Snap-on/snap-off strap system with X-tricator mounting brackets. The easiest NFPA goggle to deploy or remove - it can be used alone or together with a faceshield.

Last but not least, Faceshields.

The full pull-down faceshield is an option many of you probably use. It's possible you may even use the 4" PPC Hi-Pivot-Hi-Temp with Wing Protectors model. They are for the N5A (New Yorker), N6A (Sam Houston), 1000, 1010, 1044, 660CR, 662CR, Phoenix 660R, Eagle 970R, Intruder 990R, 360, 660, 660C, 664, 662C, 880 and 881 helmets. This is a yellow tinted faceshield.

Find many more Faceshield and Visor options here.

Shop our endless Eye Protection from TheFireStore today.


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