Monday, January 19, 2015

New Secur Products

Sun Power Bank 4000 Charger

If you're looking for Solar Power on-the-go to charge your smart phone, tablet, MP3 player, iPod, GPS, camera, or other digital device, the new Secur Products Sun Power Bank 4000 charger is your guy. This is an ultra high efficiency solar panel. It gives you 21.5% efficiency with broad light spectrum and provides up to four times the charging power of traditional solar panels.

It's got built-in USB cables for trouble-free charging and can recharge a cell phone up to FOUR times without needing to be recharged.

  • High Efficiency Solar Panel
  • High capacity lithium polymer battery: 4000 mAh
  • Built-in full size male USB cable and plug
  • Built-in male micro USB cable and plug
  • Female USB port for charging any digital devices
  • Built in micro USB for charging via
  • USB power sources
  • LED light indicator for current battery charge

 Mini Solar Cell Phone Charger

This emergency cell phone charger features a built-in solar panel and is small enough to carry anywhere. 

Mini cell phone charger for cell phones, iPods and other
 digital devices.
  • Features USB and micro USB ports
  • Charges via built-in solar panel
  • Can also charge via USB port, DC cigarette adapter 
or AC plug adapter
  • Carabiner hanging hook
  • Can be charged via optional external Secur Solar Panel
Technical Specifications:
  • Charging time with USB post: 2.5 hours
  • Charging time with built-in solar panel: 50 hours
  • USB input voltage: 5V
  • USB output voltage: 5V
  • 3.5" x 2.5" x 1"

Compact Folding 14 watt Solar Panel with Smart Chip Technology - Charge smart phones directly including iPhone 5 and iPad without an intermediate battery.

Charge any USB digital device or batteries directly – cell phones, smart phones, tablets, iPods, GPS, cameras, radios, portable batteries. These lightweight folding solar panels are the perfect solution for charging digital devices on the go. Includes a water resistant pouch with a built-in USB port to hold your digital device or battery. 

Secur Solar panels include Smart Chip technology that controls voltage levels so you can charge all digital devices directly – including iPhone 5 and iPads. On cloudy days the solar energy charging voltage will vary and some devices such as iPhone and iPad will automatically stop charging and will not resume when the power comes back. Secur's built-in smart chip automatically controls the start function with software and keeps charging all day long.

  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Smart chip technology to control voltage levels and allow direct charging of any digital device – including iPhone 5 and iPads
  • Lightweight and durable – no breakable glass covers
  • Built-in USB port
  • Durable sun-proof UVB protective material
  • Water resistant and built to travel
  • Enclosed water-resistant pouch for digital devices or batteries
  • Compatible with all Secur USB devices for lighting, emergency radios, cell phone chargers
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