Friday, January 16, 2015

New Pro Tech 8 Evolution Gloves

If you want the next Evolution in structural firefighting gloves then look no further, because it's here. The Brand New Pro Tech 8 Evolution gloves are awesome because Pro Tech 8 understands that the greatest threat to hand safety on the fire ground is when a firefighter's gloves are removed. They don't consider dexterity, grip, comfort and fit to be luxuries, but rather vital features for utmost protection.

The New Pro Tech 8 Evolution's are made of 100% High Burst Kevlar Thread throughout, with a 100% Kevlar/Litex Base Layer. The 100% Kevlar dimpled inner liner allows for efficient and easy on and off. The steam blocker protects the backside of hand and fingers, too. 

In addition to all this the cut level 8 knuckle guard system provides superior cut resistance and radiant heat protection. They are certified FR breathable, waterproof, blood-borne pathogen resistant giving you critical protection from unseen threats on the job. 

The palms are stitched down with a high burst Kevlar thread that gives you a powerful, worry-free grip. You're also going to get flexible finger sidewalls giving you the most dexterity when it comes to the tasks on the scene.

The construction of the Evolution gloves have been proven in the field to provide unsurpassed dexterity, grip, comfort and fit without sacrificing all the good stuff. Whether you're on the nozzle, using hand tools, operating radios, rope rescue systems, or during any fire ground operation these gloves will prove versatile and safe.