Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shop with a Cop 2014

Each year one our favorite ways to give back is by helping make sure the Shop With a Cop event in our local community goes on. For years now, it's given many children from low income families the chance to get a $100 shopping spree to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends.

First, they start out with a family breakfast, where the kids come with Mom, Dad, brothers/sisters in tow and get a photo with Santa and enjoy some good food (and musical entertainment!)

Then, a massive parade a few miles down the road to the local WalMart happens, with sirens and police cars, and busses to transport the children. It causes a big, fun commotion and makes everyone feel special.

They are escorted around the building with a 'shopping buddy' who happens to be a local police officer and the kids LOVE it. So do the police officers! 

All our employees get the chance to help make this event possible. Each Friday they pay to wear jeans to the officer. That 'jeans money' goes into the Shop With A Cop fund, therefore allowing that program to go on.

On the day of the event, many of our employees, our CEO, Vice President show up to Walmart to help wrap the gifts that the kids will then take home to hide until Christmas morning.

These days it's no secret that the relationship between police officers and the community is important. Putting faces and personalities to the children, and the children putting faces and personalities to the Officers. It's an important event and we are so very glad to be a part of making this special day possible.

Thanks to everyone who made the 2014 Shop With a Cop event go smoothly. There are 64 children who now will have a happier Christmas because of it, and we're glad to be a part of it.

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