Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NEW PGI Hoods for all!

There are two, great, new PGI hoods available that we want to tell you about. First up--meet the PGI Cobra Elite SureFit Hood. It's a lightweight, breathable hood that offers exceptional flame and heat resistance. It's got the highest arc rating, ounce per ounce of ANY hood on the market. Beat that. 

Made of the Para-Tek...this is PGI's proprietary Tri-Blend that has the benefits of three fibers: High Strength Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR, and High Tenacity Nylon. Those materials blended together results in an awesome and breathable, while still being lightweight, hood that offers exceptional flame and heat resistance.

Some of the other great Para-Tek properties include flame resistance, low thermal shrinkages, NFPA compliant, resistance to welding sparks and splatter, exceptional wear life, great value, super comfortable, and lightweight!

This hood, available in grey or black can be yours! Be sure to check out the more nitty gritty details of the design, construction, fit, etc on our website here.

Now...check out the PGI Cobra Ultimate Nomex Hood.

This hood is known for it's inherent flame resistance since it's made from Nomex, the fabric of choice for protective apparel for over 40 years! 

Nomex is a meta-aramid fiber developed in 1961 by DuPond and first marketed in 1967. It has outstanding strength and abrasion resistance. Hoods made from this fiber have an exceptional wear life which makes them cost effective in the long run!

Nomex also has superb flash fire protection, excellent chemical resistance, it's easy to care for, mid-weight, has a nice off-white, natural kinda coloring, meets CAL-OSHA requirements, and is inherently flam resistant. 

Whichever NEW PGI hood you choose, you can't go wrong, really. Just check out and read the details on both the PGI Cobra Elite, and the PGI Cobra Ultimate, then enjoy many years of good use!

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