Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Service Department at TheFireStore

Did you know that we have trucks out on the road all the time making stops at fire departments and stations all around, making sure your products are being serviced and repaired according to standards? Well if you didn't, now you know!

Our Service Department at Witmer Public Safety Group is proud to offer a wide range of safety oriented services. We have 12 MSA certified repair technicians combining over 70 years of SCBA servicing experience. So when someone shows up to the job, you better believe they know what they're doing. We are equipped to service in 4 states: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

We've got 10 MSA C.A.R.E. Certified SCBA Technicians, 8 MSA R.I.T.E Meter Technicians, 4 Fit Testing Technicians with 3 Meter Service vehicles and 3 SCBA vehicles on the road. We're taking care of business and making sure your equipment is up to code.

The services we provide are:

MSA SCBA FlowTest, Repair & Warranty On-Site:
Annual scba flow testing is performed on-location by MSA certified C.A.R.E. technicians. Our repairs are performed to manufacturers’ standards and meet the Nfpa.

MSA Gas Detection Calibration, Repair & Warranty:
Nation-wide, hassle-free, program for MSA Gas Meter repair. Experience “Total Quality” commitment from Certified Service Technicians who have undergone rigorous MSA factory training.

DOT Cyclinder ReCert (hydrostatic testing):
Cylinder re-qualification procedure consisting of application of internal pressure with measurement of cylinder expansion, generally performed with water.

Fit Testing
Fit Testing is imperative to ensure the end user is wearing the proper size face piece. It’s a matter of safety... and it’s the LAW!

Fire Hose Re-Coupling
Cut and re-couple of damaged fire hose, and create short (pigtail) sections of hose (1.5” – 3” diameter) for crosslay hose beds and apparatus resupply operations. All hose is tested to NFPA specifications after repair.

Breathing Air Compressor Maintenance/Repair
Preventive maintenance inspection includes: filters changed, oil changed, coalescor element replacement, visual inspection of the system, functional test of the system, and compressor repairs.

Air Testing

We can test your breathing air annually, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly to any standard that you would require (Nfpa, Osha-CFR 29 or PADI, scuba). Our test kits are simple and easy.

Sounds great, right? Live in DE, PA, WV or MD? Then contact us today to see how we can help you! 


We look forward to serving you.

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