Friday, April 25, 2014

50% off Embroidery--act now!

It's hat season, folks! And here at TheFireStore we have hats, hats, hats galore. But we aren't just talking plain hats, oh no, that would be too boring. We're talking hats with awesome custom embroidery, or hats with our insert design---all while saving 50% off on embroidery with code EMBSAVE at checkout.

We've got the best customizing around when it comes to hats. Not to mention, our hats are now available in CAMO, a style we know many of you love that looks awesome with a touch of customization.

It's easy to customize your hats using our website! We've streamlined the process so you can pick exactly the product you want customized, the 3D embroidery you want, colors, and other details and not miss a step:

We can't ignore that it's also polo season, too! Yep, get those awesome polo's customized with some great embroidery options at 50% off, too!

Well, what are you waiting for?? This sale doesn't last long.

Use promo code EMBSAVE 

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