Monday, April 28, 2014

1010's for 10% Off

Don't wait, friends--act now as the ever popular Cairns 1010 is TEN PERCENT off right now!

If you're in the throes of deciding which helmet you want then maybe telling you a little bit more about this one will help you make a decision.

The Cairns 1010 is a great option for a composite fiberglass helmet with a traditional look, unbeatable performance, and the meeting the highest standards out there. It's got an amazing low profile design with superior balance that makes all it's wearers rave about the comfort and general feel.

When a Cairns 1010 is worn for a long periods of time it doesn't put stress and strain on you like other higher profile helmets, thanks to it's great design.

With four options for eye protection you can find your preference. Whether it's the defender visor, bourke eyeshield (non-NFPA), 4" Faceshield, or goggles.

Choose either a standard or deluxe configuration, specs listed below:

Standard Configuration Includes: 

  • Flannel Cushion Liner
  • Nomex Earlaps
  • Silk Screened Maltese Cross Front Holder
Deluxe Configuration Includes:
  • Leather Cushion Liner
  • PBI/Kevlar Earlaps
  • 3-D Carved Brass Eagle 6" Front Holder

Available with the following configurations: Defender, Bourkes, Goggles, 4" Shield, Goggles + Bourkes, or Defender + Bourkes

Get your 10% off Cairns Helmet here, before it's too late!

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